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Jews, Christians, Muslims: A Comparative Introduction to Monotheistic Religions, 2nd Edition

By John Corrigan, Frederick Mathewson Denny, Carlos Eire, Martin S. Jaffee

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 22, 2011

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Thematic examination of monotheistic religions


The second edition of Jews, Christians, Muslims: A Comparative Introduction to Monotheistic Religions, compares Judaism, Christianity, and Islam using seven common themes which are equally relevant to each tradition.


Provoking critical thinking, this text addresses the cultural framework of religious meanings and explores the similarities and differences among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as it explains the ongoing process of interpretation in each religion. The book is designed for courses in Western and World Religions.


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Table of Contents


1.)    BRIEF





Part I: Scripture and Tradition

Chapter 1: In Judaism

Chapter 2: In Christianity

Chapter 3: In Islam


Part II: Monotheism

Chapter 4: In Judaism

Chapter 5: In Christianity

Chapter 6: In Islam


Part III: Authority

Chapter 7: In Judaism

Chapter 8: In Christianity

Chapter 9: In Islam


Part IV: Worship and Rituals

Chapter 10: In Judaism

Chapter 11: In Christianity

Chapter 12: In Islam


Part V: Ethics

Chapter 13: In Judaism

Chapter 14: In Christianity

Chapter 15: In Islam


Part VI: Material Culture

Chapter 16: In Judaism

Chapter 17: In Christianity

Chapter 18: In Islam


VII. Religion and the Political Order

Chapter 19: In Judaism

Chapter 20: In Christianity

Chapter 21: In Islam




Part I: Scripture and Tradition


Chapter 1: Scripture and Tradition in Judaism

The Bible’s History and the History or Judaism

Scripture and the Interpretive Tradition in Rabbinic Judaism

Scripture and Tradition in the History of Judaism

The “Rabbinization” of Medieval Judaism


Chapter 2: Scripture and Tradition in Christianity
Bible, Revelation, and Christianity

Scripture and Interpretive Tradition in Christianity

Scripture and Tradition in the History of Christianity


Chapter 3: Scripture and Tradition in Islam

The Qur’an and the Prophet

Scripture and Interpretive Tradition in Islam

Questions for Discussion and Review


Part II: Monotheism


Chapter 4: Monotheism in Judaism

Structuring Elements of Judaic Theology

Judaic Theology in Diverse Cultural Settings

Judaic Thought in Modern European Culture 


Chapter 5: Monotheism in Christianity
The God of a New Revelation: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Defining the Triune God
Defining the Incarnate God


Chapter 6: Monotheism in Islam
Doctrines and Practices
Islamic Monotheism: A Wider Perspective
Questions for Discussion and Review


Part III: Authority


Chapter 7: Authority in Judaism

Biblical Metaphors of Covenant Community
Applications of Covenantal Models in the Dead Sea Yahad
Covenantal Models and Rabbinic Tradition


Chapter 8: Authority in Christianity

Christian Construction of Authority
Historical Development of Authority after 1500


Chapter 9: Authority in Islam
Muhammad´s Sunna as Perfect Pattern for Muslim Life
The Shar+Aa As Islam´s Supreme Authority
The Sources of Jurisprudence ( l al-Fiqh)
Political Authority in Islam


Part IV: Worship and Ritual


Chapter 10: Worship and Ritual in Judaism

The Halakhic Shaping of Religious Experience
Modernity and the Ideal of Avodah


Chapter 11: Worship and Ritual in Christianity
Constructing a World in Ritual
Transformation of Ritual


Chapter 12: Worship and Ritual in Islam
Foundations of Worship in Islam
Islamic Life Cycle Rites
Variations and Popular Practices
Saint Veneration
Questions for Discussion and Review


Part V: Ethics


Chapter 13: Ethics in Judaism
Halakhah and the Cultivation of Character
Halakhah and the Social Order
Jewish Commitments in a Non-Halakhic Framework


Chapter 14: Ethics in Christianity

The Structure of Christian Ethics
The Historical Development of Christian Ethics


Chapter 15: Ethics in Islam
Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil
The “Five Categories” or “Principles” of Actions
Righteousness as True Piety
Fear and Friendship
Muslims “Think Globally, Act Locally”
The Devil in the Details
On the Boundary of Law and Morality: Some Contemporary Issues
Questions for Discussion and Review


Part VI: Material Culture


Chapter 16: Material Culture in Judaism

Judaic Material Culture: The Problem of Context
The Synagogue as a Cultural Puzzle
Marking the Jewishness of the Home
The Book in Judaic Cultures
The Symbolic Vocabulary of Costume


Chapter 17: Material Culture in Christianity
Art and Architecture
The Reformation
Christianity and Print Culture
Modernity and Religious Identity


Chapter 18: Material Culture in Islam
The Mosque as Both Islamic and Muslim Aspects of Material Culture
Public Space in Muslim Perspective
Muslim Domestic Space
The Muslim Body: Clothing, Adornment, Cosmetics, Grooming
Muslim Expressions of the Beautiful: Painting, the Decorative Arts, and Music
Questions for Discussion and Review


Part VII: Religion and the Political Order


Chapter 19:  Religion and the Political Order in Judaism

The Jewish State Between Messiahs
Jewish Self-Government Under Patriarch and Exilarch
Jewish Autonomy Under Islamic and Christian Empires
Judaism and the Modern European State
Judaism and the Secular Jewish State
Jewish Civil Religion in Israel and America


Chapter 20: Religion and The Political Order in Christianity
From Persecution to Rulership
Secular and Sacred in Conflict
The Reformation
Pluralism: Churches and the State
National Destinies
Christianity and Violence in Modernity
Sexuality and Gender


Chapter 21: Religion and The Political Order in Islam
Roots of Islamic Revival
Islam and Reform in Modern Indonesia
Political Islam
Muslim Extremism
Muslim Views of Sex and Gender
Questions for Discussion and Review


Suggestions for Further Reading

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