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Just Business: Arguments in Business Ethics

By Martin Sandbu

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 3, 2011

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This new first edition introduces business students, scholars, and practitioners to moral reasoning as it naturally arises in business decisions.


It works through theories of moral philosophy as active analyses of practical problems rather than finished products, thus seeing moral reasoning as something the readers must engage in as opposed to just learn about.


Through examples and questions that show how one cannot make informed business decisions if one cannot think philosophically, the author identifies, develops, and critically appraises the main approaches in moral philosophy as natural intellectual responses to challenges that business people confront. 


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Table of Contents




The Purpose of This Book


Chapter 1: The Business of Ethics: Reasoning about Right And Wrong

Chapter 2: Two Extreme Views: Managing for Shareholders Or


Chapter 3: Doing One’s Job Well: The Ethics of Social Roles

Chapter 4: Roles and Conventions: Confronting Cultural Conflicts

Chapter 5: Ethics as Efficiency: Making Everyone Better Off

Chapter 6: Is Greed Good? Advancing Society through Selfish Action

Chapter 7: Consequentialist Complications: Sacrificing One for The


Chapter 8: Self-Evident Truths? Imagining a World without Rights

Chapter 9: The Case for Rights: Justifying Right-Claims

Chapter 10: Ethics as Equal Freedom: Respecting Each Person’s Dignity

Chapter 11: Fair Shares: Dividing the Value Added

Chapter 12: Just Business: Fulfilling Social Contracts



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