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Justice Administration: Police, Courts and Corrections Management, CourseSmart eTextBook, 7th Edition

By Ken Peak

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 11, 2011

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For courses in Criminal Justice Administration. 


This seventh edition of Justice Administration: Police, Courts, and Corrections Management continues its examination of all facets of the criminal justice system as well as several related matters of interest to prospective and current administrators. The general goal of the book is to inform the reader of the primary people, practices, and terms that are utilized in justice administration.  The author has held several administrative and academic positions in a criminal justice career spanning more than 35 years; thus, this book’s 16 chapters contain a palpable real-world flavor not found in most textbooks. 

Table of Contents

Part 1  Justice Administration: An Introduction

Chapter 1         The Study and Scope of Justice Administration  

Chapter 2         Organization and Administration: Principles and Practices  


Part 2  The Police

Chapter 3         Police Organization and Operation 

Chapter 4         Police Personnel Roles and Functions  

Chapter 5         Police Issues and Practices 


Part 3  The Courts 

Chapter 6         Court Organization and Operation  

Chapter 7         Court Personnel Roles and Functions  

Chapter 8         Court Issues and Practices 


Part 4  Corrections 

Chapter 9         Corrections Organization and Operation  

Chapter 10       Corrections Personnel Roles and Functions

Chapter 11       Corrections Issues and Practices  


Part 5  Issues Spanning the Justice System 

Chapter 12       Ethical Considerations  

Chapter 13       Rights of Criminal Justice Employees  

Chapter 14       Special Challenges: Labor Relations, Liability, and Discipline

Chapter 15       Financial Administration

Chapter 16       Technologies Now and for the Future  


Appendix I  Case Studies

Appendix II  Writings of Confucius, Machiavelli, and Lao-Tzu 


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