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Keys to Success: Building Analytical, Creative, and Practical Skills, 7th Edition

By Carol J. Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 10, 2011


Keys to Success unlocks every student's potential to succeed in college, career, and life by challenging them to realize, "It’s not just what you know…it’s what you know how to do."  


Students will develop their goal-setting abilities by personalizing “best practice” tools and strategies for all topics covered. Keys’  focuses on building analytical, creative, and practical thinking skills. This “thinking skills” framework challenges students of all levels to question, evaluate, innovate, relate, and follow through - which is critical in class AND highly valued in a competitive 21st century workplace where one must maximize strengths and bolster weaknesses. When students build the skills that will help them get where they want to go in college and beyond, they will be more motivated to retain and APPLY what they learn.  Revision highlights include an Annotated Instructor's Edition, Social Media integration, 21st Century Skills coverage, and much more.

Table of Contents

Quick Start to College: Helpful Information and Advice as You Begin




1. Welcome to College: Growing Toward Success


2. Values, Goals, and Time: Managing Yourself


3. Learning How You Learn: Making the Most of Your Abilities




4. Critical, Creative, and Practical Thinking: Solving Problems and Making Decisions


5. Reading and Information Literacy: Learning from Print and Online Materials


6. Listening and Note Taking: Taking In and Recording Information


7.  Memory and Studying: Retaining What You Learn


8.  Test Taking: Showing What You Know




9. Diversity and Communication: Making Relationships Work


10. Wellness and Stress Management: Staying Healthy in Body and Mind


11. Managing Money: Living Within Your Means


12. Careers and More: Building a Successful Future


Appendix: Writing

Appendix: Social Networking and Media