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Keys to Success: Service Learning

By Carol J. Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 2, 2011


Has the goal of helping students make the most of their service-learning experience thus features a practical, informative introduction that promotes engagement with the experience and in-depth, productive reflection.


Keys to Success: Service Learning module has two sections. The first section is a concise but comprehensive introduction to service-learning.  It begins with an overview of what service-learning is and provides justification as to the benefits of service-learning, both for the participant and for the people and/or organization served.  It discusses the ways in which instructors will evaluate and grade service-learning work. Finally, it provides helpful information about how to make the most of the service-learning experience, including tips on professionalism, communication, teamwork, and conflict management. The second section consists of blank journal pages, providing flexibility for the individual instructor to guide student reflection depending on the nature of the course and the related service-learning program.

Table of Contents

Learning Objectives for Keys to Success:  Service Learning:


What is service-learning?


What value does service-learning have for me?


How will my service-learning work be measured?


How can I make the most of my service-learning experiences?