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Latin America and Its People, Volume II: 1800 to Present (Chapters 8-15)

By Cheryl E. Martin, Mark Wasserman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 1, 2004

Table of Contents

8. The New Nations of Latin America.

Latin America on the Eve of Independence.

The Roots of Popular Unrest.

Social and Economic Changes in Mexico: The Bajío.

Latin America and the Crisis on 1808.

Representative Government in Spain and America, 1808-1814.

The “American Question.”

Popular Grievances and Turmoil in Spanish America.

Regional Rivalries in the Struggle for Spanish American Independence.

The Independence of Latin America.

Spanish American Independence.

The Portuguese Monarchy in Brazil.

The Independence of Brazil.


Latin American Lives: Simón Bolívar and Manuela Sáenz.

Slice of Life: The Sixteenth of September: Independence Day.

How Historians Understand: Were the Wars of Independence the Turning Point?

9 . Regionalism, War, and Reconstruction: Politics and Economy, 1821-1880.

Dilemmas of Nationhood.

                                    Who Governs and What Form of Government?

                                    Federalism/Centralism and Liberalism/Conservatism.

The Challenge of Regionalism.

                                    Argentina , Mexico , Colombia , and Central America .

                                    Brazil and Chile .

A Century of War.

                                    Wars of Political Consolidation.

                                    Intra-regional Wars.

                                    Foreign Wars.

                                    Civil Wars.

                                    The Impact of War.

Popular Participation.


The Challenge of Economic Recovery.

                                    Obstacles to Development.

                                    Export Economies.







                        Latin American Lives:   Dr. Francia.

                        Slice of Life: The Parián Riot , Mexico City 1828.

                        How Historians Understand:   Benito Juárez: The Making of a Myth.

                        Learning More about Latin Americans.

10. Everyday Life in an Uncertain Age, 1821-1880.

                        The People.

                        The Large Estates: Haciendas, Estancias, Plantations, Fazendas.

                                    Work Life.

                        Domestic Life.


Villages and Small holders.


Urban Life and Societal Transformations.

                        The Cities.

Food, Clothes, Shelter, and Entertainment.



Latin American Lives:   The Gaucho.

                        Slice of Life: Urban Slaves.

                        How Historians Understand: The Construction of Racism.

Learning More about Latin Americans.

11. Economic Modernization, Society, and Politics, 1880-1920.

Economic Modernization.


                                    The Downside of Export-led Economic Modernization.


Modernization and Social Change.

                                    Population Increase.

                                    New Classes, New Voices.

                                    Rural Discontent.

                                    Mass   Movements of People.

Politics in the Age of Modernization.

                                    Modernization of the Military.

                                    The Rule of the Ranchers and Planters: Argentina and Brazil .

                                    Democracy in Chile .

                                    The Aristocratic Republic: Peru .

                                    Dictatorship: Mexico .

Modernization and Resistance.


Latin American Lives:   José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913), Artist of Mexico .

                        Slice of Life: A Chilean Mining Camp.

                        How Historians Understand: Why Do People Rebel?

Learning More about Latin Americans.

12. Between Revolutions: The New Politics of Class and the Economics of

                        Import Substitution, 1920-1959.


Three Crises and the Beginnings of Intensified Government Involvement in the Economy, 1920-1945.

                        The Aftermath of World War I.

                        The Great Depression.

                        World War II.

                        Peacetime Economies.

                        Dictators and Populists.

                                    The 1920s.

                                    The Depression and War.

                                    Peacetime Politics.

                        The Failure of Left and Right.

                                    Women’s Suffrage.


Latin American Lives:   Elvia and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

                        Slice of Life: Colombian Coffee Farm 1925.

How Historians Understand: Reconstructing the Semana Trágica (Tragic Week).

                        In Argentine History.

                        Learning More about Latin Americans.

13. People and Progress, 1910-1959.

                        Socialization in the Factory and the Mine.

                                    Proletarianization and Patriarchy.

                                    A Miner’s Day at El Teniente.

                        Urbanization and Social Change.


                                    Life on the Edge: The Middle Class.

                                    La chica moderna.

                        Popular and High Culture.


Latin American Lives:   Frida Kahlo.

                        Slice of Life: Village Life in Peru .

                        How Historians Understand: The Voice of the Lower Classes.

                        Learning More about Latin Americans.


14. Revolution, Reaction, Democracy, and the New Global Economy,

1959 to the Present.


The Revolutions: Cuba , Nicaragua , El Salvador , Guatemala , Peru and Colombia .

                                    Cuba .

                                    Nicaragua .

                                    El Salvador .

                                    Guatemala .

                                    Peru .

                                    Colombia .

                        The Tyrannies: Brazil , Argentina , and Chile .

                                    Brazil .

                                    Argentina .

                                    Chile .

                        The Exception; Mexico .

                        The Struggle for the Control of Everyday Life.

                        The New Global Economy.


                        Latin American Lives:   An Argentine Military Officer.

                        Slice of Life: On the Streets of São Paulo .

How Historians Understand: Theories of Economic Development and History.

                        Learning More about Latin Americans.

15. Everyday Life, 1959 to the Present.

                        The Reign of Terror.

                        The Quality of Life.

                                    What Does It Mean To Be Poor?

                                    Informal Economy.

                                    Privatizing Social Security.

                        The Cities.

                                    To Be Poor in the Cities.

                                    An Urban Migrant’s Story.


                        The Globalization of Culture.



                        Latin American Lives:   Revolutionary Women.

                        Slice of Life: The Barrio/Favela.

                        How Historians Understand: From the Countryside to the City.

                        Learning More about Latin Americans.




Latin America and Its People, Volume II: 1800 to Present (Chapters 8-15)

ISBN-13: 978-0-321-06167-6

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