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Law Among Nations: An Introduction to Public International Law, 10th Edition

By Gerhard von Glahn, James Larry Taulbee

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Feb 8, 2012

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Offering a more accessible alternative to casebooks and historical commentaries, Law Among Nations explains issues of international law by tracing the field's development and stressing key principles and processes.

This comprehensive text eliminates the need for multiple books by combining discussions of theory and state practice with excerpts from landmark cases. Renowned for its rigorous approach and clear explanations, Law Among Nations remains the gold standard for undergraduate introductions to international law.

Learning Goals

Trace the development of International Law through key principles and processes.

Illustrate important issues and theories using excerpts from landmark cases.

Table of Contents

PART I. THE LAW OF NATIONS 1. The Nature of International Law 2. Development of Law Among Nations 3. Sources of the Law 4. International Agreements 5. International Legal Process 6. The Relationship between International and Municipal Law PART II. SUBJECTS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 7. Subjects of International Law: Recognition 8. Rights and Duties of International Legal Persons PART III.THE ALLOCATION OF COMPETENCE IN INTERNATIONAL LAW 9. Nationality 10. Principles of Jurisdiction 11. State Responsibility: Responsibility for Injuries to Aliens 12. The Law of the Sea 13. Jurisdiction over Air Space and Outer space 14. Agents of International Intercourse Immunities PART IV. INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE INDIVIDUAL 15. The Individual and International Law: Human Rights 16. International Criminal Law PART V. PROCESS AND ISSUES 17. Adjudication 18. International Law and Protection on the Environment 19. International Economic Law PART VI. LAW AND THE USE OF FORCE 20. The Use of Force 21. International Humanitarian Law: War Crimes 22. War Crime Tribunals