Learner-Centered Astronomy Teaching: Strategies for ASTRO 101

By Timothy F. Slater, Jeffrey P. Adams

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 24, 2002

Table of Contents



 1. Introduction.

 2. Goals and Objectives.

 3. Teaching for Understanding: Recent Results from Physics and Astronomy Education Research.

 4. Designing an Effective Syllabus.

 5. Lecturing for Active Participation.

 6. Implementing Small-Group Collaborative Learning.

 7. Strategies for Writing Effective Multiple-Choice Test Items.

 8. Alternatives to Multiple-Choice Tests.

 9. Course Evaluations: Finding Out What's Working...and What Isn't.

10. The Teaching Portfolio: Demonstrating Excellence in Teaching.

Appendix A: Seasonal Stars Lecture Tutorial.

Appendix B: Sample Think-Pair-Share Questions.

Appendix C: Astronomy Diagnostic Test.

Appendix D: Bloom's Taxonomy.

Appendix E: Collaborative Learning Tasks.

Appendix F: Sample Learning Objectives.

Appendix G: Attitude Survey.

Appendix H. Astronomy Education Research Annotated Bibliography.


Additional Course Materials

Edmund Scientific Star and Planet Locator

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Learner-Centered Astronomy Teaching: Strategies for ASTRO 101

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