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Learning and Instruction, 2nd Edition

By Edgar, Richard E. Mayer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 26, 2007

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        Introduction to Learning and Instruction




Chapter 2        Learning to Read Fluently

Chapter 3        Learning to Read for Comprehension

Chapter 4        Learning to Write

Chapter 5        Learning Mathematics

Chapter 6        Learning Science




Chapter 7        Teaching by Giving Productive Feedback

Chapter 8        Teaching by Providing Concreteness, Activity, and Familiarity

Chapter 9        Teaching by Explaining Examples

Chapter 10      Teaching by Guiding Cognitive Processing During Learning

Chapter 11      Teaching by Fostering Learning Strategies

Chapter 12      Teaching by Fostering Problem-Solving Strategies

Chapter 13      Teaching by Creating Cognitive Apprenticeship in Classrooms and Beyond

Chapter 14      Teaching by Priming Students' Motivation to Learn



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What Every Student Should Know About Study Skills

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Learning and Instruction, 2nd Edition

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