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Legal Rights of Teachers and Students, 3rd Edition

By Nelda H. Cambron-McCabe, Martha M. McCarthy, Suzanne E. Eckes

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 23, 2013


With the goals of providing an awareness of rights and responsibilities, motivating educators to translate basic concepts into actual practice, and generating an interest in further study of the law, this resource gives pre- and in-service educators a concise, informative, comprehensive look at the legal issues affecting their daily activities. Included is practical help for ensuring the legality of the complex decisions educators must make every day in such areas as religion, instruction, student expression, disabilities, discipline, teacher employment, Teachers’ Substantive Rights, termination, and tort liability; plus such as English Language Learners, bullying, sexual harassment, vouchers, digital copyright, and more.

Table of Contents



1.         Legal Framework of Public Education

2.         Tort Liability

3.         Church/State Relations

4.         Instructional Issues

5.         Student Expression, Association, and Appearance

6.         Student Classifications

7.         Rights of Students with Disabilities

8.         Student Discipline

9.         Terms and Conditions of Employment

10.       Teachers’ Substantive Constitutional Rights

11.       Discrimination in Employment

12.       Termination of Employment

13.       Summary of Legal Generalizations


Selected Supreme Court Decisions


Legal Rights of Teachers and Students, 3rd Edition

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