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Lieux:Expl Quan Food Prod Serv Th_3, 3rd Edition

By Elizabeth McKinney Lieux, Patricia Luoto

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 24, 2007


Offering over 30 problems,  readers can complete worksheets, consult reference materials, and participate in group discussions to reinforce fundamental principles presented in the course. This newly revised edition features problems that address the full spectrum of foodservice management such as: Managing Quality, Food Product Flow and Kitchen Design, Procurement, Distribution and Service, Leadership and Organizational Change, Decision Making, Communication and Balance , Management of Human Resources and much more! It also addresses the foodservice principles which guide dietitians' and foodservice managers' practice. The book also references extensive web page resources and links for each problem.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Course Description

Companion Textbook

Course Expectations and Student Responsibilities in a Problem-based Learning (PBL) Course

Course Objectives

            Process Objectives

            Content Objectives

Class Policies in a PBL Class

Group Work and Class Organization

Evaluation and Feedback


Course Components

Resources to be Used

Problem Write-ups



Worksheet 1 Systems Approach to a Foodservice Organization

Worksheet 2 Managing Quality

Worksheet 3 The Menu

Worksheet 4 Food Product Flow and Kitchen Design

Worksheet 5 Procurement

Worksheet 6 Food Production

Worksheet 7 Distribution and Service

Worksheet 8 Safety, Sanitation, and Maintenance

Worksheet 9 Management Principles

Worksheet 10 Leadership and Organizational Change

Worksheet 11 Decision Making, Communication, and Balance

Worksheet 12 Management of Human Resources

Worksheet 13 Management of Financial Resources

Worksheet 14 Marketing Foodservice

Worksheet 15 Meals, Satisfaction, and Accountability



Aftermath of an Outbreak of Food borne Illness

Where Am I Going?

Who Is the Customer, Anyway?

What’s Your Problem?

Menu Madness

Put it in the bank

Renovating the space

Purchasing Predicament

Spring Hills Senior Center

Looking for Answers in all the Right Places

Chef Spiro Gets to Work

Hilda Greene

Where’s the Beef?

Deliver Me from Complaints

What Does Food Have to Do with Nutrition?

Give Me 5

Producing the bird

The Toxic Hamburger

What’s Next?

Moving ahead with Room Service

Steering a New Course

Breakfast’s Ready….Hold the Pancakes

To Whom It May Concern

Can you do it faster?

Who Changed My Job?

Flip a Coin

Show Me the Money!

Jeff Jordan

Who’s Going to Buy Healthy When Yummy’s More Fun?

So You Want to be a Millionaire

Change is a Four Letter Word


Evaluation Forms

            Problem Write-Up Evaluation

            Assessment of Individual Performance In Groups



Lieux:Expl Quan Food Prod Serv Th_3, 3rd Edition

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