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Life of Primates, The, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Pia Nystrom, Pamela Ashmore

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 23, 2008

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For undergraduate courses is primatolgy and biological anthropology.


The field of primatology has grown to become very complex and now incorporates information from molecular genetics, physiology, and brain studies. Many of the texts imparting this information are much too advanced for undergraduate students. Pia Nystrom & Pamela Ashmore present to you a comprehensive text written about nonhuman primates built from the ground up written for the undergraduate student.


The Life of Primates, 1/e helps students tackle the complex ideas and issues of primatology by first establishing the context and groundwork from which these studies were conducted.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Introduction to the Nonhuman Primates

Chapter 2: Primate Classification

Chapter 3: Primate Biogeography

Chapter 4: The Primate Body

Chapter 5: Primate Evolution

Chapter 6: Primate Ecology

Chapter 7: Primate Social Organization

Chapter 8: Primate Social Relationships

Chapter 9: Primate Communication

Chapter 10: The Primate Brain and Complex Behavior

Chapter 11: Primate Conservation


Appendix A  Metric-Imperial Conversions

Appendix B  Comparative Primate Skeletons

Appendix C  List of all Extant Species

Appendix D  List of all Extinct Species




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