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Literature-Based Reading Activities, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Ruth Helen Yopp, Hallie Kay Yopp

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2009

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The Fifth Edition of Literature-Based Reading Activities provides current and future classroom teachers with exciting classroom-tested activities for ensuring children's successful interactions with literature. 


The Fifth Edition continues to be distinguished by discussions of the theoretical and research bases supporting all activities. Numerous activities and examples of their application to a variety of genres are provided. The activities included are generic in nature so that they may be applied and adapted to a variety of books. This book also offers guidelines so that students learn how to be effective decision-makers in planning literature instruction for their culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse K-8 students.  This Fifth Edition includes a greater emphasis on new literacies and on writing in response to literature.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER ONE Using Literature in the Classroom 1

Literature in the Classroom 1
Teacher Responsibilities 5
Rationale for Selection of Activities for This Book 6
The Role of New Literacies 12
Conclusion 14

CHAPTER TWO Prereading Activities 15

Anticipation Guides 18
Opinionnaires/Questionnaires 20
Book Boxes 24
Book Bits 27
Character Quotes 32
Contrast Charts 33
K-W-L Charts 36
Semantic Maps 38
Preview-Predict-Confirm 40
Concrete Experiences 44
Picture Packets 46
Picture Carousels 47
Quickwrites 51
Quickdraws 53
Conclusion 54

CHAPTER THREE During-Reading Activities 55

Literature Circles 57
Strategy Cards 60
Literature Maps 62
Character Maps 66
Character Webs 70
Character Carousels 71
Graphic Organizers 73
Character Perspective Charts 77
Journals 80
Character Blogs 85
Feelings Charts 87
Contrast Charts 90
Ten Important Words 90
Conclusion 94

CHAPTER FOUR Postreading Activities 95

Polar Opposites 97
Literary Report Cards 100
Character Trait Charts 102
Plot Profiles 104
Powerful Passages 106
Sketch to Stretch 108
3-D Responses 110
Multimedia Responses 111
Dramatic Responses 113
Venn Diagrams 115
Book Charts 117
Internet Investigations 121
Conclusion 124

CHAPTER FIVE Writing and Bookmaking Activities 125

A Process Approach to Writing 126
Poetic Responses 128
Literary Borrowing 132
Multigenre Responses 134
Pop-Up Books 136
Accordion Books 137
Fold-Up Books 138
Upside-Down Books 139
Retelling Picture Books 140
Graduated-Pages Books 142
Baggie Books 143
Paper-Bag Books 144
Conclusion 145

Afterword 146

APPENDIX Internet Resources 148



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