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Literature-Based Reading Activities: Engaging Students with Literary and Informational Text, CourseSmart eTextbook, 6th Edition

By Ruth Helen Yopp, Hallie Kay Yopp

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 25, 2013


Pre-service and in-service teachers get practical help and exciting classroom activities for ensuring all students’ successful interactions with literature.


Teachers turn to this brief, inexpensive, yet invaluable resource for its numerous exciting, classroom-tested activities for ensuring students’ successful interactions with literature. The unique discussions of the theoretical and research bases supporting all of the activities set the book apart from others in the field, as do the variety of grade levels and genres covered; the adaptability to a wide range of texts; and the guidelines that show readers how to be effective decision-makers as they plan literature instruction for the culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse K–8 students in today’s classrooms.


Throughout the book and in the examples, the authors show the importance of sharing multicultural literature and informational trade books. The activities are appropriate for the full range of learners in the classroom, and attention is given to supporting the language development of English Learners through numerous activities that provide scaffolds for meaning making, promote social interaction centered on literature, and engage students in authentic discussions about literature.


This edition includes updated information about sharing literature in the context of today’s classrooms, new activities for supporting students’ interactions with literature, and numerous new examples of children’s literature, many of them recent award winners.

Table of Contents

1.   Using Literature in the Classroom

Theoretical Perspectives           

New Contexts for Sharing Literature       

Teacher Responsibilities

Rationale for Selection of Activities for This Book                     


2.   Prereading Activities

Anticipation Guides      


Book Boxes     

Book Bits        

Cover Clues

Character Quotes         

Contrast Charts

K-W-L Charts    

Semantic Maps


Concrete Experiences   

Picture Packets

Picture Carousels         





3.         During-Reading Activities

Literature Circles           

Strategy Cards 

Literature Maps

Contrast Charts

Investigator's Notebook

Graphic Organizers

Character Perspective Charts

Character Webs            

Character Carousels                             

Circle of Viewpoints

Feelings Charts


Character Blogs                       

Ten Important Words    

Pack the Suitcase



4.   Postreading Activities

Polar Opposites           

Literary Report Cards    

Powerful Passages      

Sketch to Stretch         

3-D Responses            

Dramatic Responses    

Magazine Cover

Multimedia Responses

Book Trailers

Pod Previews

Venn Diagrams

Book Charts     

Internet Investigations   



5.   Writing and Bookmaking Activities

A Process Approach to Writing 

Poetic Responses        

Literary Borrowing

Genre Translations        

Multigenre Responses  

Pop-Up Books 

Accordion Books         

Fold-Up Books

Mini Fold-Up Books

Slit Books

Retelling Picture Books

Graduated-Pages Books          

Baggie Books  

Digital Books



Appendix: Internet Resources



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