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Litigation Practice: E-Discovery and Technology, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Thomas F. Goldman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Mar 17, 2011

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For all courses covering e-discovery and related technologies, for paralegals and other legal team members.


This is a thorough introduction to the latest techniques of electronic discovery (“e-discovery”) and technology for use in civil cases from inception through trial. It offers extensive hands-on practice with several popular modern tools for office management, case management, discovery, graphic creation, and trial presentation. Each step and each category of tool is introduced through examples based on the fact pattern of a real case. A complete set of documents, reports, images, videos, and simulations are provided through the companion student site, MyLegalStudiesKit, and can be used to support student oral or multimedia presentations. The text’s instruction, tools, and resources work together to teach core concepts that can be easily adapted to any software, civil case, or law firm.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Litigation — Foundations for E-Discovery and Technology

Unit 2. E-Discovery: The Fundamentals

Unit 3. Evidence and E-Discovery Practice

Unit 4. Technology Applications in the Courthouse and Litigation


Video Case Study List


1. Video Conferencing: Strategy Discussions

2. Confidentiality Issue: Family Exemption

3. UPL Issue: Interviewing a Client

4. Confidentiality Issue: Public Information

5. UPL Issue: When Friends Ask Friends for Legal Advice

6. Parent and Child Consult the Legal Team

7. Solicitation in the ER: Ethical Duties of the Profession

8. Fees and Billing Issue: Contemporaneous Time Keeping

9. Fees and Billing Issue: Using Time Effectively

10. Administrative Agency Hearing

11. Arbitration before Three-Member Panel

12. Settlement Conference with Judge

13. Preparing for Arbitration

14. Altercation on the School Bus

15. School Principal Reacts

16. Zealous Representation Issue: Handling Evidence

17. Zealous Representation: When You Are Asked To Lie

18. UPL Issue: Working with a Witness

19. Zealous Representation Issue: Signing Documents

20. Zealous Representation Issue: Candor to the Court

21. Scheduling Conference with Judge: Discovery Issue Resolution

22. Court Hearing to Decide Who Represents a Minor: The Court’s Duty to Protect the Child

23. Truck Driver’s Deposition

24. Confidentiality Issue: Need-To-Know Circle

25. Attorney Meet and Confer: Electronic Discovery Issues

26. Privilege Issue: Misdirected E-Mail

27. Confidentiality Issue: Disclosure of Damaging Information

28. UPL Issue: Improper Supervision

29. UPL Issue: Working With Experts–Deposition of a Medical Expert, Dr. Galo

30. Remote Video Conference: Taking Fact Witness Video Deposition

31. Real-Time Reporting Witness Testimony: Deposing a Minor

32. Video Deposition of a Treating Doctor: Deposition of Treating Doctor, Dr. Lee

33. Mechanic’s Deposition

34. Final Pretrial Conference: Resolving Evidentiary Issues

35. Preparing For Trial: Preparing for Deposition and Trial

36. Fact or Expert: Resolving Objection in Videotaped Deposition Discussions

37. Jury Selection: Potential Juror Challenged For Cause

38. A Salesman’s Courtroom Testimony

39. Trial: Direct and Cross-Examination of a Witness

40. Preliminary Jury Instructions before Trial

41. Closing Argument: A Lawyer’s Last Chance

42. Judge Charges the Jury

43. Expert Witness Video Deposition

44. Three-Judge Appellate Panel

45. A Corporate Officer Seeks Legal Advice

46. Deposition in Aid of Execution: Transferring Corporate Assets to Avoid Paying a Judgment


Case Materials


Complete NTSB Case Report …..

Simple Motor vehicle Property Damage Claim

1. Police Incident Report

2. Estimate of Repairs from Pope’s Garage

3. Notes of Client Interview (from video)

4. Notes of Witness Interview (video)


Injured Student Medical Treatment delayed

1. School Incident Report

2. Emergency Room Report

3. Treating Physician, Dr. Lee Report

4. Dr. Lee’s Medical Bills

5. Medical Records

6. HIPAA Release Form Signed by Parent


Civil Assault on Bus

1. School Incident Report

2. Physiologist for Attacker Report (anti-social w/ psychotic tendency)

3. Report of School Nurse on Search

4. HIPAA Release Form

5. Notice to Opposing Counsel Requesting Medical Records

6. Medical Records of Victim Davis Hilary

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