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Macroeconomics, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Glenn P. Hubbard, Anthony P. O'Brien, Matthew P Rafferty

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 28, 2011

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Make the link between theory and real-world easier for students with the most up-to-date Intermediate Macroeconomics text on the market Today!


Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty realize that most students enrolled in today's intermediate macroeconomics courses are either undergraduate or masters students who are likely to become entrepreneurs, managers, bankers, stock brokers, accountants, lawyers, or government officials.  Very few students will pursue a Ph.D. in economics.  Given this student profile, Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty's new text presents Intermediate Macroeconomics in the context of contemporary events, policy, and business with an integrated explanation of today's financial crisis.  Student and instructor feedback tells us that Hubbard, O'Brien, and Rafferty helps make the link between theory and real-world easier for students!


Table of Contents


R. Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University

Tony O'Brien, Lehigh University

Matt Rafferty, Quinnipiac University


Table of Contents


Part I:  Introduction

Chapter 1:  The Long and Short of Macroeconomics

Chapter 2:  Measuring Total Production and Income

Chapter3:  The Financial System


Part II: Macroeconomics in the Long Run:  Economic Growth

Chapter 4:  Aggregate Production and Potential GDP

Chapter 5:  Long-Run Economic Growth

Chapter 6:  Money and Inflation

Chapter 7:  The Labor Market


Part III:  Macroeconomics in the Short Run:  Theory and Policy

Chapter 8:  Business Cycles

Chapter 9:  IS-MP:  A Short-Run Macroeconomic Model

Chapter 9 Appendix:  IS-LM:  An Alternative Short-Run Macroeconomic Model

Chapter 10:  Monetary Policy

Chapter 11:  Fiscal Policy

Chapter 12:  Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Monetary Policy


Part IV:  Extensions

Chapter 13:  Long-Run Implications of Fiscal Policy

Chapter 14:  Consumption and Investment

Chapter 15:  Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, and Macroeconomic Policy

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