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Making Meaning: Building Strategies for College Reading (with MyLab Reading Student Access Code Card)

By Janeen Myers, Evelyn Eskridge, Barbara Smart Tucker, Patricia Smart Richardson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 26, 2008


Making Meaning is a developmental reading text that balances teaching phonics and whole language skills for students who read below the 6th grade level. The text is designed to be visually appealing through the use of numerous photographs and other graphics, and provides the tools needed to acquire the reading, writing, thinking, and reasoning skills that will enable students to effectively process, analyze, and learn information on their own.  Its recursive structure gives students the opportunity in each chapter to practice and integrate skills learned from previous lessons, and apply those reading strategies to many kinds of texts.

Table of Contents

Preface: To the Instructor


Introduction: Making Meaning from What You Read


1. Preparing to Read

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning




            Reading: Choosing a Job in a Nursing Home

Title, Headings, Bullets, and Visuals

Connecting to Prior Knowledge

Predicting What a Reading is About

Reader Response 1-1

            Reader Response 1-2

Everyday Pre-reading

Pre-reading and Visual Information

How to Preview (or Pre-read) a Textbook

Reading a Textbook Chapter


            Practice 1-1 through 1-4: The Struggle for Civil Rights

            Practice 1-5: Reading a Chart, African-American Voter Registration in The South, 1960-1970

            Practice 1-6 through 1-9: Pre-reading a Play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare



            Mastery Test 1-1: American History: The Struggle for Civil Rights

            Mastery Test 1-2: Reading a Map, USA Time Zones

            Mastery Test 1-3: Reading a Chart, Stages of Human Development

            Mastery Test 1-4: Reading a Graph, “From the Bottom to the Top”

                        Reader Response 1-3

            Mastery Test 1-5:Reading a Webpage, Recycling

                        Reader Response 1-4

Progress Chart

2. Recognizing Consonants and Vowels

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Structured Instruction and Exercises



            Reading: A Long Night Ahead, M. C. Dore           

Practicing What You Have Learned

Practice 2-1: Consonants, The Search Goes On, M. C. Dore

                        Reader Response 2-1

            Practice 2-2: Consonants, The Evening Dress, Tina Page

            Practice 2-3: Comprehension The Evening Dress, Tina Page

            Practice 2-4: Consonants, You Entered Me in What??? M. C. Dore

            Practice 2-5: Comprehension, You Entered Me in What??? M. C. Dore

                        Reader Response 2-2

            Practice 2-6: Vowels, At Nighttime, Aileen Fisher

            Practice 2-7: Vowels, Marathon Dancing


Mastery Tests

            Mastery Test 2-1: Consonants, Directions to the Party

            Mastery Test 2-2: Consonants

            Mastery 2-3: Consonants and Comprehension, Ending Up at the Wrong Hotel in the Wrong Country, Christina Page

            Mastery 2-4: Vowels: Miss America

Looking Back

Looking Back 2-1: Prereading, Vowels, and Comprehension, Purring Predators: Housecats and Their Prey, David Krough

Looking Back 2-2: Outline, Purring Predators

            Looking Back 2-3: Asking Questions, When I Was Left Behind, M. C. Dore

Looking Back 2-4: Comprehension, Body Art? Fashion Statement?  Tattoos!         

Reader Response 2-3

Looking Back 2-5: Comprehension, In Her Footsteps, Courtney Angela Brkic

                        Progress Chart

3. Recognizing Syllables and Word Parts

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Structured Instruction and Exercises

Word Parts       



Practicing What You Have Learned

            Practice 3-1: Word Parts

            Practice 3-2: Syllabication

            Practice 3-3: Syllabication, Word Parts, and Comprehension, Medicine, Palmira Brimmett, et al


Mastery Tests

            Mastery Test 3-1: Using Words in Sentences

            Mastery Test 3-2: Dividing Words into Syllables

            Mastery Test 3-3: Suffixes

            Mastery test 3-4: Comprehension, Word Parts, and Syllabication, In Pain, Gorilla Puts in a Call to the Dentist

Looking Back

Looking Back 3-1: Comprehension and Vowels, William Shakespeare, Palmira Brimmett, et al

            Looking Back 3-2: Comprehension, Vowels, Consonants, and Vocabulary, The Guardian: Enoch Kelly Haney, Rick J. Moore

Reader Response 3-1

Progress Chart

4. Using a Dictionary

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Structured Instruction and Exercises

Pre-reading a dictionary






Parts of Speech

Word Origins

Practicing What You Have Learned

            Practice 4-1 through 4-9: Dictionary skills

            Practice 4-10: Dictionary Skills, Beauty from a Distance

            Practice 4-11: Parts of Speech, Marly

            Practice 4-12: Language of Origin, My nephew Andre


Mastery Tests

            Mastery Test 4-1: Spelling

                        Reader Response 4-1

Mastery Test 4-2: Syllables

                        Reader Response 4-2

Mastery Test 4-3: Pronunciation, Obesity

            Mastery Test 4-4: Vocabulary, Job Hunting

                        Reader Response 4-3

Mastery Test 4-5: Comprehension, Appointment in Samarra, W. Somerset Maugham

            Mastery Test 4-6: Parts of Speech

            Mastery Test 4-7: Origin of Words

                        Reader Response 4-4

            Mastery Test 4-8: Comprehension and Word Parts, Big Mac Attack, James M. Rubenstein

Reader Response 4-5 

Looking Back

            Looking Back 4-1: Pre-reading, After the Suspect

            Looking Back 4-2: Parts of Speech and Root Words

            Looking Back 4-3: Consonants

            Looking Back 4-4: Vowel Sounds

                        Reader Response 4-6

Progress Chart

5. Discovering Context Clues

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


            Reader Response 5-1    

Structured Instruction and Exercises

Types of Context Clues

Definition Clues

            Example Clues

            Antonyms (opposites) Clues

            Synonyms (similar to) Clues

            General Sense of the Passage

Practicing What You Have Learned

            Practice 5-1: Context Clues, How Cold Is It? (Part One), Han Rue

                        Reader Response 5-2

            Practice 5-2: Comprehension, How Cold Is It? (Part Two), Han Rue

                        Reader Response 5-3

            Practice 5-3: Comprehension, How Cold Is It? (Part Three), Han Rue

                        Reader Response 5-4

            Practice 5-4 through 5-7: Context Clues, excerpts from Small Steps, Peg Kehret

                        Reader Response 5-5


Mastery Tests

Mastery Test 5-1 and 5-2: Context Clues in Sentences

            Mastery Test 5-3: Comprehension, Unplanned, Laura Ream

            Mastery Test 5-4: Context Clues, Trapping the Tsetse Fly

            Mastery Test 5-5: Comprehension and Context Clues, University Days, James Thurber

                        Reader Response 5-6

Looking Back

            Looking Back: 5-1 Word Study

Progress Chart

6. Finding the Main Idea

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Structured Instruction and Exercises


Main Ideas in Paragraphs

Main Ideas in Longer Readings

            Reading: What is Ethnic Cleansing? James M. Rubenstein

            Reading: Marijuana

Practicing What You Have Learned

            Practice 6-1 through 6-3: General and Specific Ideas

            Practice 6-4: Alike and Different

            Practice 6-5: Topic, Run for Cover!

            Practice 6-6: Comprehension, Sports in Popular Culture, James M. Rubenstein

                        Reader Response 6-1

Practice 6-7: Organization and Comprehension, Out of the Way!

            Practice 6-8: Organization and Comprehension, The Hoover Dam

            Practice 6-9: Thesis, Main Ideas, and Details, Special Athletes


Mastery Tests

            Mastery Test 6-1: Main Idea and Details, Stingers

                        Reader Response 6-2

            Mastery Test 6-2: Topic, Main Idea, and Details, River Drivers – On a Roll!

                        Reader Response 6-3

Mastery Test 6-3: Topic, Main Ideas, and Details, Cars That Think?

            Mastery Test 6-4: Topics, Main Ideas, and Details, A Modern Plague

Looking Back

            Looking Back 6-1: Context Clues, It’s Not Funny!

            Looking Back 6-2: Word Skills, Dream Catcher

            Looking Back 6-3 Pre-reading & Predicting, American Monument

            Looking Back 6-4: Pre-reading & Predicting, Gardner Rules!

                        Reader Response 6-4

Progress Chart

7. Finding Supporting Details

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Structured Instruction and Exercises

Paragraph Organization and Supporting Details

            Reading: Easy Gardening

            Reading: Easy Traveling

Visual Supporting Details

Transitional Words and Phrases

Practicing What You Have Learned

            Practice 7-1: Supporting Details

            Practice 7-2: Topic and Details, Scamming the Shopper

            Practice 7-3: Main Ideas and Details, Storms (graphic organizer)

                        Reader Response 7-1

Practice 7-4 Topic, Main Idea, and Details, What Goes Down…? Don K. Scott

            Practice 7-5: Main Idea and Details, Travel Destinations by Distance from Oklahoma City (bar graph)

            Practice 7-6: Create a Chart

            Practice 7-7: Transitional Words, Friends Forever

            Practice 7-8 Write Paragraph with Transitions


Mastery Tests

            Mastery Test 7-1: Main Idea and Details, Miami Here We Come

            Mastery Test 7-2: Main Idea and Details, Lady of the Woods

            Mastery Test 7-3: Main Idea and Details, Babysitting Terrible Todd

            Mastery Test 7-4: Supporting Details

Mastery Test 7-5: Main Idea and Details, Travel Destinations by Distance and Driving Time from Oklahoma City, Map

            Mastery Test 7-6: Main Idea and Details, Of Horrors and Heroes, Charles Ramsden

            Mastery Test 7-7: The Magic of Poetry

Looking Back

            Looking Back 7-1: Main Ideas

            Looking Back 7-2: Context Clues and Charts, Jenny’s Science Project

            Looking Back 7-3: Pre-reading and Charts, College Student Living Arrangements

            Looking Back 7-4: Consonant and Vowel Sounds, Main Idea, and Supporting Details, Spring, William Blake

            Looking Back 7-5: Write about a photograph

Progress Chart

8. Additional Readings

Chapter Preview

Making Meaning


Reading 8-1: Omaha’s First Water Company, Harold Whipple

Reading 8-2: Sawmill Revenge, Harold Whipple

Reading 8-3: Social Studies Problem Solving and Data Interpretation

Reading 8-4: Two Wolves

            Reader Response 8-1                

Reading 8-5: Santa Clause Did Visit, Christina Page

Reading 8-6: Symbols of Christmas, Alice Doray

            Reader Response 8-2                

Reading 8-7: Mars!

Reading 8-8: Wedding Charm, Deborah Cummings Doray (poem)

Reading 8-9: The Flower-fed Buffaloes, Vachel Lindsy (poem)

            Reader Response 8-3                

Reading 8-10: Excerpt from Internet college journal, Laura Eskridge

            Reader Response 8-4                

Reading 8-11: Excerpt from A Painted House, John Grisham

Reading 8-12: Language – A Code to Sail Dreams, Debby Dobbs (poem)

            Reader Response 8-5

Reading 8-13: A Vacation with Ghosts, Ruth Ozeki

            Reader Response 8-6

Reading 8-14: Hurricane Katrina

Reading 8-15: As Town for Deaf Takes Shape, Debate on Isolation Re-emerges, Monica Davey

            Reader Response 8-7

Reading 8-16: Next to the Express Checkout, Express Medical Care, Michelle Andrews

            Reader Response 8-8

Reading 8-17: Was It a Dream?, Guy De Maupassant (short story)

            Reader Response 8-9

Reading 8-18: The Tornado of the Century, Pat Richardson

            Reader Response 8-10

Appendix A: WORDNOTES and Student Vocabulary Log


Appendix B: Glossary of Technical Terms


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