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Making of the American Republic, 1763-1815, CourseSmart eTextbook, The

By Paul Gilje

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 6, 2006

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For courses in American Revolution and the Early American Republic. Text could also be used as a supplement in a survey course.


Making of the American Republic seeks to provoke students to think about the implications of the American Revolution in a new way, offering a larger interpretive theme other than the rise of democracy. This interpretive text places the events, the people, and the ideas of the period within the context of how the American Revolution gave birth to a dynamic capitalist economic system. The book argues that out of the democratic impulses of the era emerged an aggressively entrepreurial American social order. The author provides a synthesis, covering the fundamental details of history, while providing a larger statement of the meaning of the changes in the period.

Table of Contents

 1. Capitalism and the American Revolution.


                a. Was colonial America Capitalistic?

b. Roots of Rebellion.

c. Resistance to Imperial Regulation.


 2. Independence.


                a. Virtue and Corruption.

b. The Revolutionary War.

c. Republicanism on Trial.

d. Peace and Independence.


 3. Experimenting with Republican Governments.


a. Creating American Republics.

b. Articles of Confederation.

c. Constitutional Convention.

d. Federalists and Antifederalists.


 4. Revolutionary Visions Unfulfilled.


a. Native Americans.

b. African Americans.

c. Women.

d. American Culture.


 5. Contested Republic.


a. Hamilton’s Program.

b. Jeffersonian Response.

c. The French Revolution and the Party System.

                d. The Problem with Commerce.


 6. The Revolution of 1800.


a. The Triumph of Federalism.

b. Election of 1800.

c. Jeffersonian Conundrum.


 7. The New Society.


a. Myth of the Yeoman Farmer.

b. Manufacturing.

c. The Lower Sort.

d. Bound Labor.

e. Religion.

 8.  Frontier Expansion.


a. Speculation and Land Development.

b. Louisiana.

c. “Civilizing” Native Americans.


 9. Free Trade.


a.  Markets.

b. Barbary Pirates.

c. The Failure of Diplomacy.


10. The Debacle of War.


a. Origins.

b. Fighting the War.

c. Finding a Peace.


Epilogue: Ben Franklin, Again.


Suggested Reading.


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