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Making the Team, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Leigh L. Thompson

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Dec 27, 2010

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<>For undergraduate or graduate management courses in Organization Behavior, Group Dynamics, or Teamwork; also appropriate for executives enrolled in degree and non-degree short courses on general management.


Making the Team: A Guide for Managers combines cutting-edge theory with the latest research and real-world applications. It delivers the most current research on groups and teams in a digestible manner. An excellent resource for managers at every stage of the game, the book offers insight to help both players and coaches maximize their success.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Teams in Organizations: Facts and Myths    
Chapter 2. Performance and Productivity: Team Performance Criteria and Threats to Productivity    
Chapter 3. Rewarding Teamwork: Compensation and Performance Appraisals    
Chapter 4. Designing the Team: Tasks, People, and Processes    
Chapter 5. Team Identity, Emotion, and Development    
Chapter 6. Sharpening the Team Mind: Communication and Collective Intelligence    
Chapter 7. Team Decision Making: Pitfalls and Solutions    
Chapter 8. Conflict in Teams: Leveraging Differences to Create Opportunity    
Chapter 9. Creativity: Mastering Strategies for High Performance    
Chapter 10. Networking, Social Capital, and Integrating across Teams    
Chapter 11. Leadership: Managing the Paradox    
Chapter 12. Interteam Relations: Competition and Cooperation    
Chapter 13. Teamwork via Information Technology: Teaming across Distance and Culture  

APPENDIX 1: Managing Meetings: A Toolkit    
APPENDIX 2: Tips for Consultants and Facilitators    
APPENDIX 3: A Guide for Creating Effective Study Groups    
APPENDIX 4: Example Items from Peer Evaluations and 360-Degree Performance Evaluations    

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