Management Consulting 5th edn: Delivering an Effective Project, 5th Edition

By Louise Wickham, Jeremy Wilcock

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 8, 2016


Management consulting remains a popular career choice but undertaking a consulting project for the first time can seem daunting for the student or new professional.


This book, now in its fifth edition, aims specifically to guide students through the consultancy process, while also giving tips and techniques to the more seasoned practitioner. This is delivered from the accumulated knowledge and insight of the authors and contributors, who all have been consultants.


This fifth edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect today’s dynamic business environment. The impact of new digital technologies on consulting and business in general, and the use of evidence, gained through studies on consulting, are considered.

It provides a careful balance between theory and practice and is ideal for anyone who is undertaking a consulting project.


Key features

  • A comprehensive introduction to the best practice in conducting a consulting project.
  • Key insights into how best to tackle the challenges that arise.
  • Case studies from across a wide range of industries at the end of each chapter and a long case study running throughout the book.  
  • Help in choosing and developing a career in consultancy.
  • Extensive references and further reading to underpin a student’s knowledge.


New to this edition

  • Further links to theories developed in other courses such as strategy and management.
  • In the Preface, several ‘pathways’ are provided for the different types of project a student may be required to undertake, taking into account their academic level and previous experience.
  • Throughout the chapters, the key ideas are highlighted to aid the reader in navigating the book.
  • New case exercises, based on real consulting projects, to put tools and techniques into practice, including a new long case study on a strategic review for a company.


Louise Wickham is the Director of Wickham Consulting Services Ltd and a practising consultant specialising in strategy and marketing. She has over 30 years business experience, both within companies and as a consultant, working for a wide range of consumer-facing businesses and the not-for-profit sector.


Jeremy Wilcock is the Business Engagement Manager at the Business School, University of Hull. He has 27 years industrial experience with a major multi-national where he worked on numerous internal consultancy projects. He has lectured regularly in strategic management and business analysis at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and has supervised student consulting projects.


Table of Contents

Part One  Management consulting in context and how it adds value 


1   The nature of management consulting and how it adds value  

2   Consulting: the wider context and consulting process  

3   The skills of the consultant and the project proposal

4   Consulting across borders and cultures   

  Apollo Tech Solutions case study: Part 1   


Part Two   Project evaluation and analysis   

  5   Defining the destination, developing a strategy and understanding change

  6   Evaluating client capabilities and business opportunities 7 Working with clients and teams: the ‘soft’ skills  

  Apollo Tech Solutions case study: Part 2  


Part Three  Undertaking the project   

8    Working with the client    9 Creative approaches for developing solutions

10 Decision-making in the client context   11   Managing the project  

 Apollo Tech Solutions case study: Part 3


Part Four Delivering the product to the client

12   Communication skills and presenting your ideas   

13   Learning from success

Apollo Tech Solutions case study: Part 4   

14   Consulting as a career 


Management Consulting 5th edn: Delivering an Effective Project, 5th Edition

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