Managerial Accounting, Student Value Edition

By M. Suzanne Oliver

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 1, 2009

Table of Contents

Chapter 1      Introduction to Management Accounting

Chapter 2      Job Order Costing

Chapter 3      Activity-Based Costing and Other Cost Management Tools

Chapter 4      Process Costing

Chapter 5      Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Chapter 6      Absorption and Variable costing

Chapter 7      Master Budget: Profit Planning

Chapter 8      Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs

Chapter 9      Decentralization:  Allocating Service Department Costs and Responsibility Accounting

Chapter 10     Short-Term Business Decisions

Chapter 11     Capital Investment Decisions and the Time Value of Money

Chapter 12     Performance Evaluation and the Balanced Scorecard

Chapter 13     The Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 14     Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A    2008 Annual Report

Appendix B     Present Value Tables


Managerial Accounting, Student Value Edition

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