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Managing in the Public Sector: A Casebook in Ethics and Leadership, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Brett S. Sharp, Grant Aguirre, Kenneth Kickham

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 14, 2010

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Aimed to spice up the classroom, Managing the Public Sector is a unique casebook providing dozens of brief, engaging case studies for public administrators in public and nonprofit institutions.  Inspired by real-life stories, these short cases cover a wide range of topics from affirmative action to human resources to sports management.  Managing the Public Sector illustrates theoretical concepts while encouraging active student participation and critical thinking.

Table of Contents

Introduction:  A Primer on Ethics in Public Administration

            Why Study Ethics?


            Cultural Relativism

            Psychological Egoism

            Utilitarian Theory (Teleological Ethics)

            Duty Ethics (Deontological Ethics)

            Virtue Ethics

            The Moral Minimum

            The Case Study Method


Chapter I:  Managing Employees

            Case   1:  Floggings Will Continue

            Case   2:  Not Paying Taxes at the IRS

            Case   3:  Cutting Loose the Dirty Dozen

            Case   4:  Eleven Months to Retirement

            Case   5:  A Competent but Slow Employee

            Case   6:  A Termination by Any Other Name


Chapter II:  Leading Public Organizations

            Case   7:  Gay Rights Signs on City Utility Poles

            Case   8:  Serving at the Pleasure of the City Council

            Case   9:  Office of Emergency Management Fake Press Conference

            Case 10:  Squeezing Out the Garbage Collectors

            Case 11:  The Governor’s Transition Team

            Case 12:  Running the Numbers at the State Health Department


Chapter III:  Public Financial Management and Budgeting

            Case 13:  The Long Forgotten Raise in the Property Tax

            Case 14:  Tuition Reimbursement Program

            Case 15:  Submitting an Incomplete Financial Report

            Case 16:  Ineligible for Suggestion System Awards

            Case 17:  Free Boat for Soda Display at State Lodge

            Case 18:  Charging for Copies of Public Documents


Chapter IV:  Managing Human Resources

            Case 19:  The Planning Director & the HR Analyst

            Case 20:  Patronage Charges Against the Governor

            Case 21:  Selecting the Special Assistant to the City Council

            Case 22:  Maintaining Pay During Reduction in Force

            Case 23:  A Speed Bump on Staff

            Case 24:  The Bureaucrat’s Wife



Chapter V:  Public Health and Welfare

            Case 25:  Pennies From Heaven

            Case 26:  Spanking the Foster Child

            Case 27:  Children Abused in State Institution

            Case 28:  Smoking at the State Health Department

            Case 29:  Prenatal Care for Illegal Immigrants

            Case 30:  Privatizing the County Hospital


Chapter VI:  Planning and Economic Development

            Case 31:  Tourism Advertisement

            Case 32:  Reasonable Ofer

            Case 33:  Shootout at the Zoning Commission:  MegaStore v. the Pharmacists

            Case 34:  Complimentary Soda Drinks for Bus Drivers

            Case 35:  The Ethanol Loan Subsidy

            Case 36:  Free Building for Titan Trout Shop


Chapter VII:  Education Administration and Policy

            Case 37:  Changing the Grade

            Case 38:  The Superintendent’s Scandal

            Case 39:  Gift Certificate for Recommendation Letter

            Case 40:  State University Football Coach and the Wayward Team

            Case 41:  Working Extra to Pay Your Own Salary

            Case 42:  Professor Dating Student


Chapter VIII:  To Protect and to Serve

            Case 43:  Rough Day in Tornado Alley

            Case 44:  Pornography and the Police Chief’s Wife

            Case 45:  Nukes Travel Cross County

            Case 46:  Highway Patrol Officer Sells Benefit Tickers

            Case 47:  Cyber Terrorism

            Case 48:  Records Check


Chapter IX:  Bureaucracy and Public Morality

            Case 49:  The Corrections Officer Selection Video

            Case 50:  Indecent Exposure and the Board of Cosmetology

            Case 51:  American General Opines on Gays

            Case 52:  Hollywood Discovery

            Case 53:  Advertisement for Topless Bar in University Newspaper


Chapter X:  Diversity Management

            Case 54:  Sensitivity Training and Pandora’s Box

            Case 55:  The Fair Employment Practices Act

            Case 56:  Weekend Racist

            Case 57:  Accommodating a Student with a Disability

            Case 58:  Hate Speech in Confidential Course Evaluations

            Case 59:  Equal Pay Experts in a Hot Tub


Chapter XI:  Challenges in Nonprofit Management

            Case 60:  Firefighters Get Money For Charity

            Case 61:  Ghost Worker at the Nonprofit

            Case 62:  Sharing the Donor List

            Case 63:  University President Protests Football Official’s Decision

            Case 64:  The Lazy Volunteer


Chapter XII:  Environmental Protection

            Case 65:  An Ombudsman by Any Other Name

            Case 66:  Northern Spotted Owl

            Case 67:  Funding the Frog Study

            Case 68:  Penciling in Your Own Salary

            Case 69:  Carbon Footprint of a Global Warming Activist


Appendix A:  Cases Listed by Subject Areas

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