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Managing Information Technology, 6th Edition

By Carol V. Brown, Daniel W. DeHayes, Jeffrey Slater, Wainright E. Martin, William C. Perkins

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 12, 2008

Table of Contents


Chapter 1, Managing IT in an e-World

Case Study 1, Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A):  The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems


Part I, Information Technology

Chapter 2, Computer Hardware

Chapter 3, Computer Software

Chapter 4, Telecommunications and Networking

Chapter 5, The Data Resource 

Case Study I-1, IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc.: Selection of an Information Technology Platform 

Case Study I-2, Strategic Steps for a VoIP Supplier

Case Study I-3, VoIP Adoption at Butler University

Case Study I-4, Data Governance at InsuraCorp

Case Study I-5, Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B): Cleaning Up an IS Debacle


Part II, Applying Information Technology

Chapter 6, Enterprise Systems

Chapter 7, Managerial Support Systems

Chapter 8, E-Business Systems

Case Study II-1, Vendor-Managed Inventory at NIBCO

Case Study II-2,The Challenges of Local System Design for Multinationals:  The MaxFli Sales Force Automation System at BAT

Case Study II-3, Real-Time Business Intelligence at Continental Airlines


Case Study II-4, The Cliptomania Web Store

Case Study II-5, Mezzia, Inc.: Deciding Which IT Company to Join


Part III, Acquiring Information Systems

Chapter 9, Basic Systems Concepts and Tools

Chapter 10, Methodologies for Custom Software Development

Chapter 11, Methodologies for Purchased Software Packages

Chapter 12, IT Project  Management

Chapter 13, Supporting Computer Users

Case Study III-1, Managing a Systems Development Project at Consumer and Industrial Products

Case Study III-2, Development of an Interorganizational System at Zeus

Case Study III-3, Make-or-Buy Decision at Baxter Manufacturing Company

Case Study III-4, ERP Purchase Decision at Benton Manufacturing Company

Case Study III-5, The Kuali Financial System: An Open Source Project

Case Study III-6, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division: Implementing Business Process Reengineering Recommendations

Case Study III-7, NIBCO’s “Big Bang”:  An SAP Implementation

Case Study III-8, BAT-Taiwan:  Implementing SAP for a Strategic Transition

Case Study III-9, A Troubled Project at Modern Materials


Part IV, The Information Management System

Chapter 14, Planning Information Systems Resources

Chapter 15, Leading the Information Systems Function

Chapter 16, Information Security

Chapter 17, Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues

Case Study IV-1, The Clarion School for Boys — Milwaukee Division:  Developing an Information Systems Plan

Case Study IV-2, Teletron, Inc.: Using Information Technology to Transform a Company

Case Study IV-3, Fast Track IT Integration for the Sallie Mae Merger

Case Study IV-4, IT Infrastructure Outsourcing at Schaeffer (A): The Outsourcing Decision

Case Study IV-5, IT Infrastructure Outsourcing at Schaeffer (B): Managing the Outsourcing Contract

Case Study IV-6, Systems Support for a New Baxter Manufacturing Company Plant in Mexico

Case Study IV-7, BAT-APSS:  Shared Services at a Multinational Firm

Case Study IV-8, Mary Morrison’s Ethical Dilemma

Case Study IV-9, A Security Breach on the Indiana University Computer Network

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Managing Information Technology, 6th Edition

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