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Managing the Mean Math Blues: Study Skills for Student Success, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Cheryl Ooten, Kathy Moore

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 6, 2009

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“A supplemental book” for courses in Study Skills.


This book incorporates user-friendly study skills practice, math practice, brain-based learning, and positive psychology so the reluctant and anxious student can overcome math anxiety. Students turn failure into success as they practice these new skills on basic math content.  With clear psychological models for concentration and focus (called flow) into math, students learn how to match their skills with math challenges, set short-term goals and seek feedback in order to learn math successfully.

Table of Contents






Chapter 1–Begin with Facts

    Student Success Stories

    Student Success Story: Alex Solano

Chapter 2–Flow with Math

    Student Success Story: Isabella Vescey

Chapter 3–Learn How You Learn

    Student Success Story: Enrique De Leon

Chapter 4–Time Yourself Successfully

    Student Success Story: Sarah Kershaw

Chapter 5–Bridge Gaps with Study Skills

    Student Success Story: The Tortoise and the Hares

Chapter 6–Use All Your Resources

    Student Success Story: Jazmin Hurtado

Chapter 7–Take Charge of Testing

    Student Success Story: Carlos Ordiano

Chapter 8–Make Strong Math Memories

    Student Success Story: Joel Sheldon

Chapter 9–Solve Problems Systematically

    Advice for Struggling Math Students

Chapter 10–Manage Math Anxiety

    Poem by Victoria Stephenson

Chapter 11–Neutralize Negative Math Thoughts & Behaviors   

Chapter 12–(Optional) Consider Algebra



Problem Solving Index



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