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Many Faces of Childhood, The: Diversity in Development

By Cecilia M. Shore

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 2, 2003

Table of Contents


 1. Changing Organism-Context Relations as the Basic Process of Development: A Developmental Contextual Perspective. R. M. Lerner.

Birth, Infancy, Toddlerhood.

 2. Motor Development of Native American Children on the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales. T.K. Crowe, C. McClain, & B. Provost.

 3. Characteristics of Maternal Directiveness and Responsiveness with Young Children with Visual Impairments. M. Hughes, J. Dote-Kwan, & J. Dolendo.

 4. Patterns of the Attachment-Exploration Balance of One-Year-Old Infants from the United States and Northern Germany. U. Zach, & H. Keller.


 5. Living in a Bilingual Family. L. Finton.

 6. On the Nature of Communication and Language Impairment in Autism. P. Mundy & J. Markus.

 7. Developmental Catch-Up, and Deficit, Following Adoption After Severe Global Early Privation. M. Rutter & the English and Romanian Adoptes (ERA) Study Team.

 8. Differences in Childrearing Attitudes Between Chinese Mothers and Anglo-American Mothers. C-H. C. Wang & J. S. Phinney.

 9. Constructing Autonomous Selves Through Narrative Practices: A Comparative Study of Working Class and Middle-Class Families. A. Wiley, A. J. Rose, L.K. Burger & P. J. Miller.

Middle Childhood / School Age.

10. Successful Parenting in High-Risk Neighborhoods. R. L. Jarrett.

11. Cultural Brokers: Helping Latino Children on Pathways Toward Success. C. R. Cooper, J. Denner, & E. M. Lopez.

12. Beggar Children in Nigeria: Strength In an Out-of-Order Existence. C. E. Ekwenye.

13. The Changing Face of Bilingual Education. R. Gersten.

14. Chinese Students' and Teachers' Inferences of Effort and Ability. Y-Y. Hong.

15. Neuropsychological Function in Children with Maltreatment-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. S. R. Beers & M. D. De Bellis.


16. Children at War: Current Understandings and Future Directions. H. Berman.

17. Children of Lesbian Mothers: From the 1970s to the Millennium. J. Mooney-Somers & S. Golombok.

18. The Vicissitudes of Adoption for Parents and Children. M. W. Silin.

19. “Lost Child”—Lessons from the Holocaust: Implications for Adult Adjustment. M. Sternberg, & M. Rosenbloom.

20. Rural Children Health. S. J. Clark, L. A. Savitz & R. K. Randolph.

21. On the Importance of Comparative Research: The Case of Folkbiology. J. Coley.


Many Faces of Childhood, The: Diversity in Development

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