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Marketing Research [RENTAL EDITION], 9th Edition

By Alvin C. Burns, Ann Veeck

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 1, 2019


For courses in global marketing.

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A conceptual approach and introduction to the field of marketing research

Written with an emphasis on the practical application of marketing research methods, Marketing Research teaches the basic fundamental statistical techniques needed to analyze market data. The 9th Edition has been updated to offer the most current insights on forces shaping marketing research, including the widespread adoption of infographics, a pronounced shift toward mobile marketing research, and the impact of big data. Additionally, an updated and integrated case study throughout the text helps students relate the material to the real world -- and their future careers.

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Table of Contents

1.     Introduction to Marketing Research

2.     The Marketing Research Industry

3.     The Marketing Research Process and Defining the Problem and Research Objectives

4.     Research Design

5.     Secondary Data and Packaged Information

6.     Qualitative Research Techniques

7.     Evaluating Survey Data Collection Methods

8.     Understanding Measurement, Developing Questions, and Designing the Questionnaire

9.     Selecting the Sample

10.  Determining the Size of a Sample

11.  Dealing with Field Work and Data Quality Issues

12.  Using Descriptive Analysis, Performing Population Estimates, and Testing Hypotheses

13.  Implementing Basic Differences Tests

14.  Making Use of Associations Tests

15.  Understanding Regression Analysis Basics

16.  Communicating Insights


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