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Martin Luther: A Life Reformed (Library of World Biography Series)

By Paul Robinson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 30, 2009

Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

Author’s Preface


Chapter One: The Monk (1483—1511)


            Early Life

            The University of Erfurt

            Conversion to Monasticism

            The Erfurt Augustinians

            Anfechtungen and the Study of Theology

            Journey to Rome

            Writing History: Erikson’s Young Martin Luther

            Luther in His Own Words: 1545 Preface to a collection of Luther’s works in Latin


Chapter Two: The Professor (1512-1519)




            Lectures on the Bible

            The Indulgence Controversy

            The Heidelberg Disputation and the Critique of Scholasticism

            The Leipzig Disputation and the Question of Authority

            The Beginning of Luther’s Papal Trial

            Writing History: The Date of Luther’s Breakthrough

            Luther in His Own Words: A Selection from the Leipzig Disputation


Chapter Three: The Reformer (1520-1521)



            1520: Luther establishes himself as a reformer

            The Imperial Diet of 1521 at Worms

            Luther at Wartburg Castle

            Excurus: Printing and the Reformation

            Luther in His Own Words


Chapter Four: The Reformer (1522-1529)


            Unrest in Wittenberg and Luther’s Return

            Temporal Authority and the Spread of the Reformation

            The Peasants’ War


            The Bondage of Will

            Reforming the Church in Saxony

            The Marburg Colloquy

            Writing History: The German Peasants’ War


Chapter Four: The Preacher (1530-1546)



            Attempts to Enforce the Edict of Worms

            War against France

            The Turks Attack Vienna

            The Diet of Augsburg

            The Religious Peace of Nuremberg (1532)

            Against the Anabaptists

            Health and Home

            University Life and Lectures

            The Controversy with Agricola

            The Wittenberg Concord

            Called to a Council

            The Bigamy of Philip of Hesse

            The Colloquies

            Luther and the Jews

            Luther’s Death

            Writing History: Medieval or Modern?

            Luther in His Own Words: Sermon in Castle Pleissenburg


A Note on the Sources



Additional Course Materials


Martin Luther: A Life Reformed (Library of World Biography Series)

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