Mastering the Fundamentals of Music

By Rebecca M. Herrold

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 13, 1997

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Review of Terms, Review Worksheet and Chapter Projects).

1. An Introduction to Rhythm.

Beat and Accent. Duple Meter. Triple Meter. Quadruple Meter. Rhythm Notation. Simple Meters.

2. An Introduction to Pitch and the Keyboard.

Pitch and Melody. Pitch Notation. The Keyboard. Notating and Speaking the Names of Accidentals. Melodic Contour.

3. Rhythm II: The Basics Continued.

Rests. Anacrusis (Upbeat). Ties. Dotted Note and Rest Values. Triplet and Borrowed Division. Expression Markings.

4. Major Scales and Keys.

Scales. Major. Key Signatures. Transposition.

5. Minor Scales and Keys.

Minor Scales. Minor Key Signatures. Other Forms of the Minor Scale. Key Relationships.

6. Rhythm III: Advanced Concepts.

Compound Meter. Syncopation. Irregular Rhythmic Organization.

7. Modes and Other Scale Patterns.

Modes (Church Modes). The Pentatonic Scale. The Whole-Tone Scale. The Blues Scale.

8. Intervals.

Interval Size Names: Numerical Identification. Interval Quality Names. Compound Intervals. Intervals Inversion.

9. Triads, Chords, and Beginning Harmony.

Harmony, Chords, and Triads. Harmonizing Melodies.



Classified Index of Music.

General Index.


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