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Mastering the World of Psychology, 3rd Edition

By Samuel E. Wood, Ellen Green Wood, Denise Boyd

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 5, 2007


Mastering the World of Psychology is a briefer paperback version of the text that does more to support student learning than any other introductory psychology text available.  It makes the connection between scientific principles and the everyday lives of today's diverse student population.


Now organized around numbered Learning Outcomes, the Third Edition of Mastering the World of Psychology is even better equipped to help readers succeed and to apply their knowledge of psychology to their lives. The SQ3R methodology, wealth of pedagogical features, MyPsychLab resources, and built-in Study Guide and Practice Tests make this the ideal learning and study resource.

Table of Contents

Wood/Wood/Boyd, Mastering the World of Psychology, 3e

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology

Chapter 2: Biology and Behavior

Chapter 3: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

Chapter 5: Learning

Chapter 6: Memory

Chapter 7: Cognition, Language, and Intelligence

Chapter 8: Human Development

Chapter 9: Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 10: Health and Stress

Chapter 11: Personality Theory and Assessment

Chapter 12: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 13: Therapies

Chapter 14: Social Psychology

Appendix: Statistical Methods

Descriptive Statistics

Describing Data with Tables and Graphs

            Measures of Central Tendency

            Measures of Variability

            The Normal Curve

            Correlation Coefficient

Inferential Statistics

            Statistical Significance


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