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Mastering Xcode: Develop and Design, 2nd Edition

By Maurice Kelly, Joshua Nozzi

Published by Peachpit Press

Published Date: Jul 15, 2013


Xcode is the flagship application of Apple’s suite of developer tools. In this book, Xcode experts Maurice Kelly and Joshua Nozzi show you how to use Apple’s powerful developer tools to start writing iOS and OS X apps. You’ll learn what Xcode can do and gain a deep understanding of how Xcode works so you can create and maintain great apps of your own.

After a tour of the Xcode tools suite, you’ll jump in by creating a basic Cocoa app and exploring the Xcode interface. You’ll learn how to manage your project, write and debug code, build user interfaces, and use version control. You’ll also learn to customize the build process, write and run unit tests, profile your code, and deploy your apps.

This book includes:
  • Detailed instruction, ample illustrations, and clear examples
  • Real-world guidance and advice
  • Insight into best practices from two Xcode experts
  • Emphasis on using Xcode’s streamlined interface for UI design, coding, testing, and debugging

Table of Contents

 1) Discovering Xcode Tools
 2) Starting a Project
 3) Navigating a Project
 4) Getting Help
 5) Creating User Interfaces
 6) Adding Files to a Project
 7) Writing Code with the Source Editor
 8) Searching and Replacing
 9) Basic Debugging and Analysis
10) Using the Data Model Editor
11) Customizing the Application Icon
12) Deploying an Application
13) Advanced Editing
14) Storyboarding
15) Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
16) The Build System
17) Libraries, Frameworks, and Loadable Bundles
18) Workspaces
19) Debugging and Analysis in Depth
20) Unit Testing
21) Using Scripting and Preprocessing
22) Using Instruments
23) Source Code Management


Mastering Xcode: Develop and Design, 2nd Edition

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