Mastering Biology without Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for Campbell Biology in Focus

By Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert B. Jackson, Jane B. Reece

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 2, 2013

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Mastering is the most effective and widely used online homework, tutorial, and assessment system for the sciences. It delivers self-paced tutorials that focus on your course objectives, provide individualized coaching, and respond to each student’s progress. Mastering helps instructors maximize class time with easy-to-assign, customizable, and automatically graded assessments that motivate students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture or lab.


The Campbell Biology in Focus assignment options include self-paced tutorials that help students learn essential content and scientific skills using individualized coaching, hints, and feedback on the toughest topics in the course. For example:

  • Scientific Skills Exercises, based on the exercises in each chapter of the textbook, are available as assignable activities in MasteringBiology.
  • BioFlix® Tutorials use movie-quality 3-D animations and coaching exercises to help students master tough topics outside of class.
  • Make Connections Tutorials ask students to relate figures from two different chapters to make connections between topics covered in different parts of the course.
  • Experimental Inquiry Tutorials allow students to replicate a classic biology experiment and learn the conceptual aspects of experimental design. Students can critically evaluate the experiment and make decisions about how to set up, interpret, assess, and evaluate other experiments.
  • Interpreting Data Tutorials provide students with coaching on how to read and interpret data and graphs.
  • Data Analysis Tutorials connect students with real data from online databases and guide them in analyzing and interpreting data in a controlled environment.
  • Misconception Questions address common student misconceptions related to each chapter’s content, providing feedback to students to help them correct their understanding. The instructor can see which common misconceptions are proving most challenging for the class as a whole.
  • Video Tutor Sessions walk students through tough topics with clearly explained visuals and demonstrations.  

In addition, Reading Quiz Questions and over 3,000 Test Bank Questions are available for assignment.


The Study Area includes:

  • Get Ready for Biology
  • Chapter Guides that correlate media to the Key Concepts in each chapter
  • Practice Tests
  • Cumulative Test
  • Activities
  • BioFlix® 3-D Animations
  • MP3 Tutor Sessions
  • ABC News Videos
  • Campbell Videos
  • Scientific Skills Review
  • Word Study Tools, including Word Roots, Key Terms, Flashcards
  • Art from the textbook
  • RSS Feeds
  • Audio Glossary
  • Writing Tips
  • Lab Media, including Investigating Biology Lab Material, Investigating Biology Lab Data Tables, Investigations, GraphIt!, and LabBench
  • Biological Inquiry Workbook Website
  • Campbell Interviews
  • eText

Instructor Resources include:

  • Editable figures (art and photos) and tables from the text in PowerPoint®
  • Prepared PowerPoint Presentations for each chapter with lecture notes, editable figures (art and photos), tables, and links to animations and videos
  • JPEG images, including labeled and unlabeled art, photos from the text, and extra photos
  • Clicker Questions in PowerPoint
  • 250+ instructor animations and videos, including BioFlix® 3-D animations and ABC News Videos
  • Digital Transparencies
  • Instructor Guide featuring essay question answers and Test Bank
  • Rubric and Tips for Grading Short-Answer Essays
  • Instructor Guides for Supplements: Instructor Guide for Practicing Biology: A Student Workbook, Instructor Guide for Biological Inquiry: A Workbook of Investigative Cases, and Instructor Guide for Inquiry in Action: Interpreting Scientific Papers
  • Lab Media, including Investigations Answers, Investigating Biology Lab Data Tables, Investigating Biology Lab Prep Guide, GraphIt! Instructor Versions, and LabBench Quiz Answers
  • Quick Reference Guide


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