Mastering Physics without Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for Physics, 4th Edition

By James S. Walker

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 6, 2009

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MasteringPhysics is the most advanced, educationally effective, and widely used physics homework and tutorial system in the world. It provides instructors with a library of extensively pre-tested end-of-chapter problems, over half of which are algorithmically generated, and rich, multi-part, multi-step tutorials that incorporate a wide variety of answer types, specific wrong-answer feedback, individualized help (comprising hints or simpler sub-problems upon request), and all driven by the largest metadatabase of student problem-solving in the world. Eight years in development and testing, NSF-sponsored published research (and subsequent studies) shows that MasteringPhysics has dramatic educational results. MasteringPhysics allows instructors to build wide-ranging homework assignments of just the right difficulty and time, and provides them with efficient tools to analyze class trends, or the work of any student in unprecedented detail.


MasteringPhysics routinely provides instant and individualized feedback and guidance to more than 100,000 students every day. It provides a wide range of tools and support to make it fast and easy for instructors and students to learn to use. Extensive class tests show that by the end of their course, an unprecedented eight of nine students recommend MasteringPhysics as their preferred way to study physics and do homework.


In addition to the textbook’s end-of-chapter problems, MasteringPhysics for Physics, Fourth Edition, also includes a library of nearly 1,000 tutorial problems that provide specific wrong-answer feedback and guide more than 90% of students to the correct answer.


ActivPhysics OnLine is available through the Self-Study area of MasteringPhysics and delivers the highly acclaimed ActivPhysics interactive, applet-driven activities directly to the web.


myeBook is available through MasteringPhysics either automatically when MasteringPhysics is packaged with new books, or available as a purchased upgrade online. Allowing students access to the text wherever they have access to the internet, myeBook comprises the full text including art and figures that can be enlarged for better viewing. Within myeBook students are also able to pop-up definitions and terms to help with vocabulary and the reading of the material. Students can also take notes in myeBook using the annotation feature at the top of each page.


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