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Medical Language STAT!, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Susan M. Turley, James Allen

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 8, 2008

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From the best-selling author of Medical Language 1e,  this pocket-sized book is an essential reference guide for any health care professional. Medical Language STAT! provides readers with all of the tools needed for success when analyzing medical terms, forming medical plurals, and identifying the leading prescription drugs.  This portable dictionary makes looking up terms effortless and easy with abbreviation tables, images, and much more!


Table of Contents

Section 1:  Introduction to Medical Language                                                          

A.      Medical Word Parts and Characteristics                                       

B.     Building Medical Words                                        

C.    Analyzing and Defining Medical Words                                                

D.    Medical Word Singular and Plural Nouns                                          


Section 2:  Medical Word Parts and Definitions                                                       

A.  Medical Word Parts and Definitions                                               

B.  Definitions and Medical Word Parts                                                


Section 3:  Glossary of Medical Words and Phrases                             


Section 4:  Medical Word Synonyms                                                 


Section 5:  Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols                               

A.     Abbreviations/Acronyms and Definitions                                         

B.     Definitions and Abbreviations/Acronyms                                        

C.    Medical Symbols and Definitions                                                                 

D.    Definitions and Medical Symbols                                


Section 6:  Laboratory Tests and Values                                       


Section 7:  Drug Categories                                                             


Section 8:  Pronunciation of Medical Words                                                             

A.     Medical Word Pronunciations                                                         

B.     Sound-Alike Medical Word Pronunciations                                      


Section 9:  Illustrated Figures and Tables                                            

A.     Bone Table

B.     Table of Illustration Labels

C.    Full-color Illustrations of Body Systems

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