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Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed

By Paul McFedries

Published by Sams

Published Date: Jul 14, 2009




Covers Release Candidate of Windows 7. 

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Microsoft® Windows 7 Unleashed gives IT professionals, serious power users, and true geeks the powerhouse Windows 7 tweaks, hacks, techniques, and insights they need: knowledge that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Top Windows expert Paul McFedries dives deep into Windows 7, returning with the most powerful ways to handle everything from networking to administration, security to scripting.


McFedries begins with advanced customization, covering everything from startup/shutdown to the file system. He introduces new ways to tune Windows 7 performance, police Windows via Group Policies, tweak the Registry, make the most of Windows 7s management tools, and control Windows 7 from the command line. You’ll find thorough coverage of securing Windows 7, including detailed guidance on web and email security and hardening both wireless and wired networks. You’ll also discover better ways to troubleshoot devices, networks, and startup; add Macs to Windows networks; and automate Windows administration with state-of-the-art scripting techniques.


This book is packed with expert tips, tricks, and troubleshooting techniques drawn from McFedries’ unsurpassed Windows experience. If you want maximum value and performance from your Windows 7 PCs, you won’t

find a more valuable resource.


  • Customize everything about Windows 7: IE8, startup/shutdown, file systems, the Start menu, Taskbar, and more
  • Systematically monitor, tune, and optimize Windows performance–including practical techniques for accelerating startup
  • Set up an easy, automated 9-Step maintenance schedule for any Windows 7 PC
  • Unleash Windows 7s power user tools, including Group Policies, the Registry, MMC, and the command line
  • Secure Windows 7 with security settings: auto-lock, Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, parental controls, BitLocker encryption, and more
  • Protect your web privacy with Windows 7s new InPrivate Browsing
  • Solve problems with Windows 7, startup, networking, and hardware
  • Set up reliable Windows 7 networks, and manage them efficiently
  • Safely provide remote access and VPN connectivity
  • Use Windows 7 as a Web server
  • Program the Windows Scripting Host and Windows PowerShell



  • Free Online Edition! When Microsoft releases the final product, you can get an updated edition of this book absolutely free!
  • All examples and source code presented in this book


$49.99 USA / $59.99 CANz


Table of Contents

Part I. Unleashing Windows 7 Customization
1. Customizing Windows Explorer
2. Customizing Internet Explorer
3. Customizing the File System
4. Customizing Startup and Shutdown
5. Customizing the Start Menu and Taskbar

Part II. Unleashing Windows 7 Performance and Maintenance
6. Tuning Windows 7's Performance
7. Maintaining Your Windows 7 System

Part III. Unleashing Windows 7 Power User Tools
8. Controlling Windows 7 with Control Panel
9. Policing Windows 7 with Group Policies
10. Configuring the Microsoft Management Console
11. Controlling Services
12. Tweaking the Windows 7 Registry
13. Controlling Windows 7 from the Command Line

Part IV. Unleashing Windows 7 Security
14. Securing Windows 7
15. Configuring Web Security
16. Implementing Email Security
17. Securing the File System
18. Setting Up User Security
19. Implementing Network Security
20. Tightening Wireless Network Security

Part V. Unleashing Windows 7 Troubleshooting
21. Troubleshooting and Recovering from Problems
22. Troubleshooting Devices
23. Troubleshooting Startup
24. Troubleshooting Networking

Part VI. Unleashing Windows 7 Networking
25. Setting Up a Small Network
26. Accessing and Using Your Network
27. Making Remote Network Connections
28. Turning Windows 7 Into a Web Server
29. Adding Macs to Your Windows 7 Network

Part VII. Unleashing Windows 7 Scripting
30. Programming the Windows Scripting Host
31. Programming Windows PowerShell


Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed

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