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Middle Childhood Development: A Contextual Approach

By Mary Jo Zembar, Libby Balter Blume

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 17, 2008


Middle Childhood Development: A Contextual Approach is a new and integrative resource for practitioners who work with children ages 6 through 12. With a focus on the historical and cultural context of middle childhood and on developmental pathways, this  text explores the ways in which middle childhood is considered both a stage of development and a transitional period.


An Emphasis on Application

  • Current research is translated into practical applications for educators, parents, and other professionals.  See the feature "Guideposts for Working with School-age Children;" for examples, see pages 90, 173 and 332.
  • In addition, “Stop and Reflect” questions embedded in the text also allow readers to integrate and apply chapter content to their own lives; for examples, see pages 108, 166 and 328.

An Integrated Discussion of Research and Theories

  • Based on recent research findings, the authors provide suggestions on what to expect and how to interact with children in middle childhood.
  • Rather than one abstract introductory chapter, psychological theories of development are applied throughout the text to address particular chapter content in integrated sections called "Theoretical Viewpoints;" for examples, see pages 78, 158, and 304.  Each chapter also has a cumulative table of the theories presented in that chapter.
  • Each chapter includes key research on the ecologies of family, school, and community highlighted in separate sections called "Development in Context;” for examples, see pages 112, 184 and 334.
  • In each chapter, pedagogical boxes called "Roadmap to Understanding Theory and Research" and "Roadmap to Successful Practice" are included that alert students to key illustrations of chapter content; for examples, see pages 97, 182, and 333.



Table of Contents

Brief Contents


Chapter 1    Contexts of Middle Childhood

Chapter 2    Studying Middle Childhood

Chapter 3    Physical Development in Middle Childhood

Chapter 4    Puberty, Sexuality, and Health

Chapter 5    Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood

Chapter 6    Literacy, Intelligence, and Academic Achievement

Chapter 7    Affective Development in Middle Childhood

Chapter 8    Relationships and Families

Chapter 9    Social and Moral Development in Middle Childhood

Chapter 10  Friends, Play, and Peer Relations

Chapter 11  Social Identity and Gender Development in Middle Childhood

Chapter 12  Beyond Middle Childhood: Adolescence


Middle Childhood Development: A Contextual Approach

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