Moby Dick (A Longman Critical Edition)

By Herman Melville, John Bryant, Haskell Springer

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 24, 2009


This innovative, scholarly edition of Moby Dick offers unprecedented access to the revisions Herman Melville made to the original 1851 American version of the novel and illuminates all changes which scholars have made to create the classic that readers know today.  The “fluid text” feature illuminates the personal, social, and cultural context of Melville’s writing process, right on the page, while also offering fresh contextual notes, illustrations, and other apparatus to make this the most reader-friendly — and therefore most teachable — edition available today.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments


A Note on Text and Annotation


Moby Dick; or, The Whale


Explanatory Notes


Making Moby Dick


            Revision Narratives


            List of In-Text Revision Narratives


            Changes Not Discussed


            Textual Emendations


Melville’s Sources


Further Reading




Glossary of Nautical and Whaling Terms


Moby Dick (A Longman Critical Edition)

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