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Modern Art, Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition

By Sam Hunter, John Jacobus, Daniel Wheeler

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 20, 2004

Table of Contents

 1. Modernism, and Its Origins in the 19th Century.

 2. Seurat, Cézanne, and the Language of Structure.

 3. Gauguin, van Gogh, and the Language of Vision.

 4. Art Nouveau in Painting and Design.

 5. Early Modern Sculpture: From Rodin to Brancusi.

 6. Tradition and Innovation in Architecture: 1880-1914.

 7. Expressionism in France: Matisse and the Fauves.

 8. Expressionism in Germany: The Bridge and the Blue Rider.

 9. The Cubist Revolution: Braque and Picasso.

10. From Cubism to Abstract Art: Futurism, Suprematism, De Stijl.

11. Dada and Fantastic Art.

12. Surrealism: The Resolution of Dream and Reality.

13. The Shaping of a New Architecture: 1918-1940.

14. The School of Paris between the Wars.

15. International Abstraction: Constructivism and the Bauhaus.

16. American Art in the Wake of the Armory Show.

17. The New York School: Abstract Expressionism.

18. The Postwar European School: L'Art Informel, Expressionist Figuration, Welded Sculpture.

19. American Art of the Sixties: Pop Art and Minimalism.

20. Europe's New Realism, Pop Art, and Abstraction.

21. The Diffusion of the New Architecture: 1954-1975.

22. The Post-Minimal, Post-Modern Seventies: From Conceptual Art to New Image.

23. The Post-Modern Eighties: From Neo-Expressionism to Neo-Conceptualism.

24. The End of Isms and the Beginning of the New Millennium.

25. Post- and Neo-Modernism in Architecture.



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Modern Art, Revised and Updated, 3rd Edition

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