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Modern School Business Administration: A Planning Approach (Peabody College Education Leadership Series), CourseSmart eTextbook

By James W. Guthrie, Christina Hart, Walter G. Hack, I. Carl Candoli

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 14, 2008

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This text in ABL’s new Educational Leadership series from Peabody College covers historical and current trends in leadership in a very practical way, using cases and a problem-solving approach as vehicles for examination.


The text was developed by a leading scholar in educational leadership as part of a series from one of the leading schools of education in the world. It has a strong basis in current research, and easy-to-use, intuitive features. It strikes an effective balance between the informational and the pedagogical. It covers trends (both historical and current) in educational leadership. The “Modern” approach of this book explores professional challenges, performance expectations, and operating conditions encountered by contemporary American school leaders. The case studies and interactive pedagogy make this a very practical text.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


Series Preface



Chapter One: School Business Administration Case Studies

Chapter Two: The Rapidly Evolving World and the Problems it Presents for School Business Administration

Chapter Three: What School Business Officials Do

Chapter Four: Planning

Chapter Five: A Legal and Regulatory Context for School Business Administration

Chapter Six: Education Revenues: Magnitude, Sources, and Characteristics

Chapter Seven: Distributing State Education Funds

Chapter Eight: Managing Capital Projects and Fiscal Resources

Chapter Nine: Budgeting

Chapter Ten: Federal Governance and Education Finance

Chapter Eleven: Accounting, Auditing, and Reporting 

Chapter Twelve: Managing Money

Chapter Thirteen: Managing Personnel

Chapter Fourteen: Managing Facilities

Chapter Fifteen: Managing Materials

Chapter Sixteen: Managing Risks

Chapter Seventeen: Managing Auxiliary Services

Chapter Eighteen: Managing Information








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