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Motivation Science

By Edward Burkley, Melissa Burkley

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 26, 2017


For courses in Motivation

An engaging approach that makes motivation science accessible and relevant
Revel Motivation Science presents classic and contemporary approaches to the study of motivation in a way that is fun, dynamic, and relevant to students’ lives. Combining insights from psychology, education, health, business, and sports, authors Edward and Melissa Burkley emphasize the influences of cognitive, emotional, social, and biological processes upon motivation. Using simple, engaging language, real-world examples, and compelling pedagogical features, the text helps students see how they can apply concepts from the field to achieve their own life goals.

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Table of Contents

1. The Science of Motivation
2. Philosophical Origins of Motivation
3. Psychological Origins of Motivation
4. Core Human Motives
5. Autonomy
6. Competence
7. Belonging
8. Goal Setting
9. Goal Planning
10. Goal Striving
11. Automatic Motivation
12. Emotions
13. Individual Differences
14. Situational Influences
15. Applying Motivation Science to Health
16. Applying Motivation Science to Wealth


Motivation Science

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