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Moving On, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By George Donelson Moss

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 24, 2009

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A comprehensive narrative survey of US History since WWII, this text focuses on the public life of the American people. It weaves together political, economic, foreign policy, and military history, while incorporating much of the new social, demographic, environmental, and cultural history of the period.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Postwar America 1


Legacies of World War

A Pluralistic Society

Asian Americans

Religious Americans

Big Labor


African Americans

Hispanic Americans

Native Americans

Big Government

Economic Transformations

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 2 Wars: Cold and Hot

Origins of Cold War

The Truman Doctrine

The Marshall Plan


The Chinese Revolution


The Korean War, 1950—1953

The Cold War Consensus

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 3 Postwar Politics

Harry Who?

The Election of 1946

The Eightieth Congress

Civil Rights

The Election of 1948

A Fair Deal

Red Scare

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 4 The Affluent Society

Demographic Patterns

An Economy of Abundance

Labor at Mid-Century

Poverty Amidst Plenty

Suburban Sprawl

Women: Family and Work

Class and Status

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 5 The Consumer Culture

The “Teen Culture”

Rock ’n’ roll

Television Takes Over

Religion Revived

Culture Critics


Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 6 Consensus at Home and Abroad

The Election of 1952

Dynamic Conservatism

McCarthy Destroyed

The Politics of Consensus

Civil Rights

The New Look


The China Crisis

At the Summit

The CIA in Covert Action

Trouble in Suez


Cuba and Castro

Controversy in Europe

End of an Era

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 7 New Frontiers At Home and Abroad

The Election of 1960

Social Reform

The Economy

Let Freedom Ring

Cold Warrior

The Bay of Pigs

Alianza para Progreso


Missile Crisis

Vietnam: Raising the Stakes

Death of a President

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 8 Great Society and Vietnam

Johnson Takes Charge

Great Society

The Warren Court

Continuing the Cold War

Going to War in Vietnam

The American Way of War

War at Home

The Tet-68 Offensive

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 9 Rebellion and Reaction

Student Radicals

The Greening of America

The Fire This Time

Black Power

Brown and Red Power

Gay-Lesbian Liberation

The Rebirth of Feminism


The Election of 1968

Summing Up the Sixties

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 10 Pragmatic Centrism

A Closet Liberal?


The Southern Strategy

Activists and Reformers

Environmentalism and Consumerism

The 1972 Election


Decline and Fall

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 11 Calming the Cold War


The China Opening

Vietnam: A War to End a War

Middle Eastern Dilemmas

Chaos in Chile

Troubles in Europe

The Emergence of Japan

Realist Diplomacy in Perspective

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 12 Era of Limits

Economic Decline

Energy Crises

Cars and Computers

A Ford Not a Lincoln

Extending Detente

Vietnam: The End

The Election of 1976

Mr. Carter Goes to Washington

A New Foreign Policy Approach

The Decline of Detente

Debacle in Iran

The Conservative Ascendancy

The Election of 1980

A Time of Troubles

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 13 Social and Cultural Transformations

A Demographic Profile

New Immigrants

African Americans: A Dual Society

Women: Changing Attitudes and Roles

Public Schools in Decline

The Most Religious Nation in the Western World

The “Me” Decade

Cultural Transformations

Blockbusters on the Big Screen

Television: The New Cultural Pluralism

Professional Sports as Big Business

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 14 America Revived


Recession and Recovery

The 1984 Election

Second Efforts

The “Go-Go” Economy

Reshaping the Supreme Court

The Sleaze Factor

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 15 Reviving the Cold War

The Old Cold Warrior

The Pacific Rim

Disaster in Lebanon

Policing the Western Hemisphere

International Crises

The Iraqi—Iranian War


Thawing the Cold War

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 16 Culture Wars and Social Tensions

The New Economy

The Information Super Highway

Culture Warriors


Black and White, but not Together

Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans

Women and Work

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 17 Going Global

The Election of 1988

A Kinder Nation

The Rehnquist Court

The End of the Cold War

The Post—Cold War World

The Gulf War

The Election of 1992

The Return of the Democrats


The Republican Earthquake

The Election of 1996

A President Impeached

Clinton and the Post—Cold War World

The Balkan Wars

Terrorism Abroad and at Home

Brief Bibliographic Essay

Chapter 18 America in a New Millennium

The Demographics of Diversity

Young People of the New Millennium

A Multicultural Society

A Nation of Immigrants

Election 2000

Thirty-Six Days

Compassionate Conservatism

Terrorist Attack!

The Transformation of U.S. Foreign Policy

The Invasion of Iraq

Global Financial Crisis and Recession

Election 2008

The New Face of America

Brief Bibliographic Essay


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