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MultiSim Experiments for DC/AC Digital, and Devices Courses, CourseSmart eTextbook

By David M. Buchla, Gary Snyder

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jul 22, 2010

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The content of this manual is designed to track the Pearson on-line Course Connect electronics lessons (DC/AC, Digital, and Devices), but it can also supplement any Introductory Electronics Course.


The National Instruments Multisim® software is a versatile design and simulation program. The intent of this workbook is to simulate a laboratory experience in electronics and help you develop a working knowledge of the Multisim software to enter and analyze circuit designs.  The circuits in this manual illustrate fundamental concepts in dc/ac, digital, and device electronics. Each section will contain some background theory for the circuits that you will investigate, but only to help provide context for the specific topics that the section will cover. For best results, you should use this workbook to supplement, rather than replace, a textbook that discusses the subject material in depth. This manual provides suggested reading for each experiment.

Table of Contents

DC/AC Experiments

DC/AC Experiment 1 - Introduction to Multisim for DC/AC Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 2 - Basic Electronic Concepts

DC/AC Experiment 3 - Ohm’s Law and Watt’s Law

DC/AC Experiment 4 - Series Resistive Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 5 - Parallel Resistive Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 6 - Series-Parallel Resistive Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 7 - Relays

DC/AC Experiment 8 - AC Measurements

DC/AC Experiment 9 - Capacitors

DC/AC Experiment 10 - AC Response of RC Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 11 - Inductors

DC/AC Experiment 12 - AC Response of RL Circuits

DC/AC Experiment 13 - Series and Parallel Resonance

DC/AC Experiment 14 - Transformers

DC/AC Experiment 15 - Time Response of Reactive Circuits


Digital Experiments

Digital Experiment 1 - Introduction to Multisim for Digital Circuits

Digital Experiment 2 - Number Systems

Digital Experiment 3 - Logic Gates

Digital Experiment 4 - Boolean Algebra and DeMorgan’s Theorem

Digital Experiment 5 - Combinational Logic

Digital Experiment 6 - The Full Adder

Digital Experiment 7 - Encoders, Decoders, and Parity Checkers

Digital Experiment 8 - Latches and Flip-Flops

Digital Experiment 9 - Counters

Digital Experiment 10 - Shift Registers

Digital Experiment 11 - Memory Devices and Operation

Digital Experiment 12 - Programmable Logic Concepts

Digital Experiment 13 - Signal Interfacing

Digital Experiment 14 - Processor Support Circuitry

Digital Experiment 15 - The Arithmetic Logic Unit


Electronic Devices Experiments

Devices Experiment 1 - Semiconductor Diodes

Devices Experiment 2 - Diode Applications

Devices Experiment 3 - Bipolar Junction Transistors

Devices Experiment 4 - BJT Biasing

Devices Experiment 5 - BJT Amplifiers

Devices Experiment 6 - Power Amplifiers

Devices Experiment 7 - JFET Characteristics

Devices Experiment 8 - FET Amplifiers

Devices Experiment 9 - Amplifier Frequency Response

Devices Experiment 10 - Thyristors

Devices Experiment 11 - The Operational Amplifier

Devices Experiment 12 - Basic Op-Amp Circuits

Devices Experiment 13 - Special-Purpose Op-Amps

Devices Experiment 14 - Active Filters

Devices Experiment 15 - Oscillators

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