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Murder Book: Examining Homicide, CourseSmart eTextbook, The

By Kimberly A. Davies

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 25, 2008

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For courses in Homicide Studies and other courses in Criminal Justice and  Criminology.


Moving away from sensationalism, this text provides a broad academic treatment of homicide. Appropriate for undergraduate students, it offers a holistic view of the topic: referencing theories from different disciplines (psychology, biology, sociology, criminology) and findings from different regions around the world. Using examples from all types of incidents, the text provides more realistic coverage because it includes not just the high profile cases shown in the media and in books. Encouraging a scholarly understanding of the topic, it devotes separate chapters to each type of homicide and includes unique chapters on solving homicides and processing homicides in court.   

Table of Contents

1.        Introduction

2.        Definitions and Degrees

3.        Measuring Murder

4.        Patterns and Trends

5.        Biological and Psychological Explanations for Homicide

6.        Social and Cultural  Explanations for Homicide

7.        Confrontational Homicide

8.        Intimate Partner Homicide

9.        Children Who Kill

10.        Infanticide and Murder of Children

11.        Mass and Spree Murder

12.        Serial Murder

13.        Murder as Hate Crime

14.        Solving Homicides

15.        Homicide in Court

16.        The Impact of Homicide

17.        Stopping Murder

18.        Future of Homicide in U.S.

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