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Music in Elementary Education, CourseSmart eTextbook

By John W. Flohr, Valerie Trollinger

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 10, 2009

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This text is designed for Introduction to Elementary Music Education classes, a required course for Music Ed students and Music for Elementary Education classes.  


This music method book is written for all possible music educators (not only music teachers, but general elementary specialists as well), and emphasizes a more current approach to teaching music in context to the general school curriculum, music’s place in the world, music’s place as an equal partner with other disciplines, current understanding of human growth and development (both cognitively and physically), and college students’ need to develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and group work skills that are so essential for success in the education field.


Based on the National Standards, this text is divided into three parts. Part one, Foundations, covers the rationale for a Music Education program in the elementary years; meaning and musical experience; and elements and kinds of music. Part twoMusic Elements, Curriculum and Avenues to Music Learning–covers curriculum development; music for special needs students; avenues to music learning and historic and contemporary approaches. Part three–Musical Experiences– is grouped by avenues of music learning and grades. Thanks to years of thorough research, Music in Elementary Education promises to be the standard text in the field.


Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations


Chapter 1: Why music in Preschool and the Elementary School?
Chapter 2: Meaning and Music

Chapter 3: Elements of Music

Chapter 4: Kinds of Music



Part II: Music Elements, Curriculum, andAvenues to Music Learning


Chapter 5: Listening

Chapter 6: Singing

Chapter 7: Moving

Chapter 8: Creating

Chapter 9: Playing instruments

Chapter 10: Reading and Writing

Chapter 11: Approaches to Music Learning

Chapter 12: Designing instruction

Chapter 13: Special Areas


Part III—Musical Experiences


Chapter 14: Listening lessons

Chapter 15: Vocal lessons

Chapter 16: Movement lessons

Chapter 17: Creating lessons

 Chapter 18: Playing lessons

Chapter 19: Reading and Writing lessons







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