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My Health: An Outcomes Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Rebecca J. Donatelle

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Jan 10, 2012

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My Health: An Outcomes Approach gives instructors and students the tools they need to succeed. Student learning outcomes provide concrete learning goals, and the modular organization ensures that students spend their study time efficiently and receive constant feedback. This book will make the Personal Health course more rewarding for both instructors and students.


The organization of the book into modules allows students to customize their study plan to fit their particular time constraints. Learning outcomes and “Check Yourself” review questions tied to those outcomes are part of each module, so students can learn the information and then test their understanding right away, giving them immediate feedback on their progress. Learning outcomes were developed and edited by instructors to ensure that they meet the course’s needs nationwide.

Table of Contents

1. Healthy Change

2. Psychosocial Health

3. Stress

4. Relationships and Sexuality

5. Reproductive Choices

6. Addiction and Drug Abuse

7. Alcohol and Tobacco

8. Nutrition

9. Weight Management and Body Image

10. Fitness

11. CVD, Cancer, and Diabetes

12. Infectious Conditions

13. Violence and Unintentional Injuries

14. Environmental Health

15. Consumerism and Complementary and Alternative Medicine


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My Health: An Outcomes Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook
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