MyLab Fitness with Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for Total Fitness & Wellness, 6th Edition

By Scott K. Powers, Stephen L. Dodd

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 15, 2013

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The new MyFitnessLab from Pearson has been designed and refined with a single purpose in mind: to help educators create that moment of understanding with their students. The MyFitnessLab system helps instructors maximize class time with customizable, easy-to-assign, and automatically graded assignments that motivate students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture.


Read It
With Pearson eText, your students can access the text whenever and wherever they have access to the Internet. Pearson eText pages look exactly like the printed text, and offer powerful new functionality for students and instructors. Users can create notes, highlight text in different colors, create bookmarks, zoom, click on hyperlinked words and phrases to view definitions, and view in single-page or two-page view. Provided by various news sources, the new RSS feeds give students easy, online access to hot health topics such as the swine flu, flavored cigarettes, carb diets, etc., which are updated daily. New media icons (See It! Do It!, etc.) link directly to supporting material in the Companion Website, including videos, assessments, online labs, and additional web content.

See It
Our current and modern collection of over 80 exercise videos demonstrates strength training and flexibility exercises with resistance bands, stability balls, free weights, and gym machines. The exercise videos are also available for download onto iPods or media players. Over 30 ABC News video clips also bring fitness & wellness topics to life.

Hear It
New Audio/Visual Student Reviews pertaining to each chapter’s content support classroom lectures and enhance self-study options. In addition, short audio case studies challenge students to make conclusions about what he or she has just heard, helping students see the relevance to their own lives. All are available for download as MP4 or MP3 files.

Do It
More than 55 labs are available online to students, allowing them to assess their levels of fitness and wellness, learn core skills, and develop behavior change plans to track their progress. Students can easily complete the labs and email them to you directly–eliminating the need for paper entirely.

Review It
Do your students need extra study material that can be accessed from their computer or even their mobile phone? MyFitnessLab makes studying for a quiz or an online exam easy.

  • Multiple-choice and true/false Practice Quizzes for every chapter are automatically graded, so students can get feedback on their work and check their understanding of the material.
  • The online glossary is a quick and easy resource for students to locate definitions for the terms they don’t know.
  • The interactive flashcard feature allows students to build a deck of flashcards from the key terms in every chapter, review them online, print them out to review, or even export them to their mobile phone.
Live It
Looking for ways to get your students to apply the material from your class to their own lives? MyFitnessLab provides students with online access to the four-step Behavior Change Project, including Take Charge of Your Health Worksheets and additional resources from the Behavior Change Log Book.


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