MyLab Nutrition for Nutrition & You: Core Concepts for Good Health

By Joan Salge Blake

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 9, 2010

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MyNutritionLab is the online course management system that makes it easy for you to organize your class, personalize your students’ educational experience, and push their learning to the next level. MyDietAnalysis 4.0 will be available as a single sign-on to MyNutritionLab. MyNutritionLab makes learning easy for students with its easy navigation on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


MyNutritionLab is organized into learning areas:


Hear It

This section contains 30 MP3s related to the chapter opening case studies.



See It

Students can access more than 15 videos to extend their learning on important nutrition topics.


Do It

Hands-on activities related to the text include the UCook recipes UDo healthy strategies, Rate Yourself self assessments, and Pop Quiz for each chapter.


Read It

This section also contains chapter objectives to direct student learning, plus the new eText. Pearson eText is easy for students to read. Users can create notes, highlight text in different colors, create book marks, zoom, click hyperlinked words and phrases to view definitions, and view in single-page or twopage view. Pearson eText also links students to associated media files, enabling them to view an animation as they read the text.


Review It

Contains quizzes for each chapter, along with access to flashcards that are available as downloads to a mobile phone.


MyLab Nutrition for Nutrition & You: Core Concepts for Good Health

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