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Navigating Your Future: Interactive Journey to Personal and Academic Success, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Bruce J. Colbert

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Feb 21, 2008

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For courses in Student Success in high school, career college, community college, or university settings.


This working textbook and integrated CD was developed to engage students in assessing their current academic and workplace skills and develop specific action plans to insure both academic and personal success. The first six chapters focus on the internal (or intrapersonal) success skills. Stress management lays the foundation and is followed by positive attitude, time management, and goal setting. Three chapters are devoted to academic skills to include learning styles, critical/creative thinking, improving memory, and test taking.  While the first six chapters focus on how to do well “within yourself”, the last four will deal with succeeding “within your program and beyond.” These skills focus on communication, group interaction, team building, job-seeking, and leadership development.


Table of Contents

Part One: Traveling Toward Personal Success

Chapter 1: Stress Management: The Skill that Affects All Others

Chapter 2: Positive Attitudes and Goals: Preparing for Success

Chapter 3: Managing Your Resources: Time and Money

Chapter 4: Active Study Strategies: Learning “How to Learn”

Chapter 5: Learning Styles, Memory and Test Taking: Getting the Grade

Chapter 6: Creative Thinking and Decision Making: Making Good Choices


Part Two:  A Roadmap for Professional Success

Chapter 7: Communication in Action: Presenting Yourself to Others

Chapter 8: Group Interaction and Team Building: Working Together Works

Chapter 9: Job Seeking and Leadership Development: Your Future Career Begins Now

Chapter 10: Enhancing Your Personal Health: Take Care of Yourself Along the Journey




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Navigating Your Future: Interactive Journey to Personal and Academic Success, CourseSmart eTextbook
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