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Next Series: Digital Life, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Lisa Hawkins

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jun 28, 2013

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For use in the Computer Concepts course


Making it easy to teach what's next!

The Next Series provides innovative instructors with a high-quality, academic teaching solution that focuses on the next great technologies and innovations.

The Next Series is a teaching and learning tool that was designed for use in a classroom setting, encouraging students to learn by using these new technologies hands-on.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents


    Living with Technology

    • How it used to be
    • Scenarios of life without technology
    • How technology could have helped
    • Benefits of using technology
    • Work
    • Education
    • Daily living

    Capturing and Editing Video and Audio

    • Built-in
    • Windows Live Movie Maker
    • Downloadable
    • Jing and Fraps
    • Screen capture and video capture
    • Free hosting with limited storage
    • Links can embed in Voice Threads, or Slideshare

    Editing Photos

    • Built-in/Online Programs
    • Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • Picasa
    • Downloadable Free Programs
    • FastStone
    • GIMP
    • Sharing photos
    • Flickr

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • BeFunky
    • Smartphone Apps
    • PSExpress
    • iSwap
    • PerfectPhoto
    • Juxtaposer
    • Fun things to do with your photos
    • UFO
    • JamYourFace

    Posting Videos and Podcasts

    • YouTube Videos  
    • Logging in with a Google account
    • Posting content to advertise a business
    • Podcasts and Vlogs
    • Creating and posting content
    • PodOMatic

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Capturing video on your smartphone
    • Posting the video
    • Finding videos on YouTube
    • Downloading podcasts to your smartphone

    Presenting- Software to Tell Your Story

    • Prezi
    • Presentations in motion
    • SlideShare
    • Uploading content to the web
    • Using online storage and saving your organization’s servers
    • Voice Threads
    • Turn your presentations and video captures into an interactive discussion

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Doceri
    • Using a tablet to turn your desktop into a whiteboard
    • ThinkFreeShow
    • Manage your documents from anywhere
    • Multiple smartphone platforms
    • Shape Collage
    • Creating forms from pictures
    • Wordle
    • Creating word clouds

    Instant Communication Through Sites and Apps

    • Instant Messaging
    • MSN Messenger, AIM, Facebook Chat
    • VOIP- Skype conference calls
    •  video calls

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Bump- sharing contacts, pictures and more
    • The smartphone app that allows users to tap phones to share information
    • Video chat on your smart phone with Tango
    • Requires wifi not gs
    • Combining chats with Pidgin and Trillion

    Getting the Word Out and Staying Connected

    • Social networking
    • Facebook
    • Posting, pics, and privacy
    • Twitter
    • TinyURL- URLs that fit within Twitter guidelines
    • Be careful- think before you post
    • Lost scholarship example
    • LinkedIn
    • Creating a professional social network
    • QR Codes
    • Smartphone Scanners
    • Connecting print to the 3D world
    • Sending customers to Facebook or webpages
    • Providing text, pics, or contact information
    • Including Google directions

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Ning, Xing, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo
    • Hi5
    • Social online gaming
    • Craigslist (and Craigslist Pro+)
    • Job listings, Ecommerce, and Social aspects
    • Securely using the site
    • FourSquare
    • Offering mayorships and discounts to frequent visitors
    • Google Page Creator
    • Creating Free webpages
    • ITunes
    • ITunesU
    • Free content

    Getting You There and Keeping You Busy When You Arrive

    • Google Maps
    • Street View
    • Adding destinations to your trip
    • App with Traffic
    • Google Earth
    • Birds-eye view
    • Geotags
    • Finding the “good” ones
    • TripAdvisor, Yelp, & AroundMe

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Mapquest
    • Highway Road Conditions and Cams
    • Google Latitude
    • Where are you?  GPS tracking through Google

    Finding and Providing Answers- Educational Tools

    • Reference and Research
    • TED
    • Google Scholar
    • Zotero
    • Interactive
    • Hot Potato
    • iTunes
    • YouTube

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Translate
    • Translating languages
    • Translating pictures of signs written in other languages
    • VideoJug
    • How to videos
    • Way back Machine
    • What did that website originally say?
    • RSS feeds
    • Dictionary and
    • Awesome Highlighter
    • Directing readers to important points


    Getting the Job Done

    • Programs to expedite work and school related tasks
    • Google Docs
    • Tracking Web Traffic with Google Analytics
    • Dropbox
    • Sharing documents online, securely  


    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Track Shipments on Smartphones
    • VirusTotal
    • Free website virus scanning
    • Scan a web link before you click on it
    • Zipping files and folders (this already appears in Visualizing Technology)
    • Cam Card
    • JotNot
    • Good Reader
    • Read documents “on the go”


    Saving Time, Money, and Frustration

    • Saving money while shopping
    • CardStar
    • Scan your phone instead of your store card
    • No more keytags or cards in your wallet
    • SavingsStar
    • Coupon Sherpa
    • GeoQpons
    • Grocery Gadget
    • Smartphone app that allows users to sync phones and share grocery lists
    • Items are marked off the grocery list as shoppers in your group purchase the item
    • FreeCycle
    • Recycling by gifting items to individuals or non-profit organizations
    • FlowTorch and Mint
    • Managing finances

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Crime Reports
    • Spokeo
    • OpenTable
    • Reserving a table at a restaurant
    • Find open tables near you
    • Restaurant

    Keeping Entertained

    • Free online music
    • Pandora
    • iHeartRadio
    • Online t.v. and movies
    • HuLu
    • Netflix
    • AMC Mobile
    • GPS geotracking
    • Health related sites and apps
    • Nike, Zombie attack, Calorie counters
    • Couch to 5k

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Identify songs with SoundHound
    • Fandango,
    • Buy movie tickets and see trailers
    • Slacker
    • Xfinity

    Integrating Web Applications With Smartphones

    • iCloud
    • Google Calendar
    • Firefox Add-ons

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Synchronize Content
    • Evaluating options

    End of Chapter Activities:

    • Calendar
    • Email
    • Uploading Youtube videos from a smartphone
    • Liking Websites

    Appendix A

    A Day in the Life of…You

    • Putting it all together
    • Integrating technology into everyday life
    • Using sites and apps in the real world
    • Slowly integrate technology into your life

    Appendix B

    • Informative, fun, and helpful websites.  Examples:,,, (works with Visualizing Technology chapter 12) or
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