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Nobody Told Me That!: 10 Tools for Parenting Happy, Healthy Children, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Roni Jay

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Mar 15, 2012

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As a parent, you can't do everything, no matter how hard you try: nobody can. Given that, how do you make sure to do the things that are most important? The things that'll really help your kids enjoy their childhoods, and help them grow into healthy, confident, successful, happy adults? Nobody Told Me That! has the answers. Renowned parenting expert and author Roni Jay has studied what the most successful parents do, and distilled those insights into 10 core principles: what you really need to do, when you can't possibly do it all. Plenty of books focus on parenting babies and toddlers: this one's designed to support and inspire you the rest of the way, from age 2 to your kids' college years, and beyond. Roni Jay doesn't just identify the principles you need to know: she covers the hard part, actually applying them in your own family. Here's just some of what you'll learn here: how to help your kids build the confidence and self-assurance they need... how to give them some magic in a world where enchantment is hard to find... make sure they know right from wrong, and the value of money... get them to think for themselves, grow into leaders... even clean up their rooms! You'll enjoy your kids more... they'll enjoy you more... and they'll grow up with the solid foundation they need to find their own paths, build their own lives, and thrive!

Table of Contents

About the Author   xii

Introduction   xiii

Tool 1: Make Their World Solid   1

Tool 2: Give Them Some Magic   23

Tool 3: Show Them How to Separate Right from Wrong   37

Tool 4: Teach Them to Think   49

Tool 5: Let Them Lead You   67

Tool 6: Forget Quality Time   83

Tool 7: Make Sure You See the Forest and the Trees   97

Tool 8: Teach Them the Value of Money   117

Tool 9: Show Them That Broccoli Can Be Fun   135

Tool 10: Give Them Each Other   159

Index   179

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Nobody Told Me That!: 10 Tools for Parenting Happy, Healthy Children, CourseSmart eTextbook
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