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Northanger Abbey

By Jane Austen, Marilyn Gaull

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 2, 2004


From Longman's Cultural Editions Series, Northanger Abbey, edited by Marilyn Gaull, presents key texts that illuminate the lively intersections of literature, tradition, and culture.

This edition places Jane Austen and Northanger Abbey in the major conversations of Romanticism, not just the gothic novel and female education. It places the novel in two contexts, 1798, when it was written, and 1818, when it was published, illustrating its relevance to both periods and the major writers, especially the poets.

This edition connects Jane Austen with the major Western literary tradition, from ancient myth, the Arabian Nights, to Cervantes, Flaubert, and Virginia Woolf.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations.


About Longman Cultural Editions.


About this Edition.

Jane Austen’s Life and Times.


Table of Dates.

Northanger Abbey.




The Romance Plot.

    Cupid and Psyche.


Gothic Romance.


    Horace Walpole   The Castle of Otranto.


    William Beckford    Vathek.


    Matthew Gregory Lewis   The Monk.


    Ann Radcliffe.


        Supernaturalism   (Biographia Literaria).




        Sublime   (Curiosity).


        The Mysteries   of Udolpho.


        The Italian—Schedoni.


Gothic Decline.


Gothic Parody. 


    Beckford, Azemia.


    Eaton Stannard Barrett   The Heroine.


    T.L. Peacock    Nightmare Abbey.


Bath, England.

    “Faery lands forlorn.”

    Tobias Smollett, The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker.


From Gothic Romance to Historical Novel.

    Sir Walter Scott    Waverley.


The Picturesque, Enclosures, and Anti-Picturesque.


    The Picturesque.


        William Gilpin Observations on the River Wye.


        James Plumptre    The Lakers.


        Enclosures and the Anti-Picturesque.


        George Crabbe   The Village.


Reviews of Northanger Abbey.


    British Critic.


    Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine.




Suggestions for Further Reading.


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Northanger Abbey

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